Staff IT Training Services Brisbane

Have you ever thought about how your business can benefit from making use of new IT skills & technology? Have you assessed your employees skills & business processes recently? All these things help you to stay competitive & increase productivity.

Whether you are a small business or large one, it is no secret that embracing and implementing the latest technology can make a real difference to your bottom line. A lot of businesses find it difficult to find the right software, hardware, service and IT training course to cover those things. However, this is something that we at Bridge IT can help with.

IT Training with Bridge IT

We are a leading IT Support company based in Brisbane and our staff continually attend vendor and partner training to stay up to date with the latest technology, best practices and skills. And if we cant train you on a specific thing, we have the connections to organise the training for you. We can arrange training, training materials, trial subscriptions & testing units of most products at little or no cost.

We offer training & support in the comfort of your own office to assist you with any questions or queries you may have. From operating systems to programs & hardware we can provide training & support to all ages and abilities.

Keep Up To Date with IT Training

The IT industry changes about every 6 months and it’s almost impossible to keep up. Whether you are a beginner or even a seasoned IT guru, you will often come across a problem, program or device that you’ll need help with. Sometimes you may feel a little overwhelmed but we can explain things in a very simple, easy to understand language. 

Whether you need to learn how to use your new phone, set up an email on your tablet, put a book on your e-reader, set up your boardroom TV and camera, edit a photo/video or even add borders in excel, we offer a complete training and support service to make your IT transition a little smoother and easier.

What is IT training?

IT training is the process of teaching someone to use specific software, hardware or service technology. It can also be known as computer training or IT lessons and is a great way for businesses to get their staff up to speed on new technologies or to help them understand how new technology can help them achieve their goals. IT training can be provided in many ways including instructor led sessions, self-paced elearning, virtual classrooms and hands-on workshops.

Why IT training?

IT training is important to those who work in and with IT. It helps to ensure that everyone is using the right tools, that they know how to use them, how to use them together and how to keep them running smoothly. It also helps to ensure that everyone can learn new skills quickly when they are needed and it ensures that everyone stays current with the latest technology.

Benefits of IT training

  • IT training helps businesses keep their IT costs down as they dont need to buy new equipment every time a new technology comes out.
  • IT training helps make sure that the business has the right equipment for their needs. It also helps ensure that all of their equipment is up to date and working properly.
  • IT training helps your business future proof their technology investments.
  • IT training allows the business to train their staff to a higher level of skill than they might otherwise be able to achieve.
  • IT training helps make sure that the business is aware of any risks that they face with their technology.
  • IT training can be tailored to the users needs, so it is important to have a clear idea of what the users needs are before you start the course.

How to integrate IT training into your business

Microsoft Windows Training

There are regular instructor lead Windows 11 training courses to make sure you know your operating system and can use it to its full potential.

Microsoft Office Training

There are some great free and paid training videos and templates for all your favorite Office programs.

Cyber security training

Cyber security training is a growing area of IT training. Cyber security is important topic that most businesses need to be aware of, but they may not know enough about. Cyber security training is designed to make sure that staff are aware of the risks and also what they can do to protect the business from cyber threats.

Cyber security training can be delivered by Bridge IT & be developed specifically for each business.

Cyber security training is often delivered as part of an awareness course where employees are made aware of the various threats that are out there, why it is important for them to be aware and what they can do to reduce the risk to their business.

Phishing Training

Phishing is part of cyber security. It’s a term you may have heard a few times, but you may not know what it means. Phishing is basically a way of tricking people into giving up their passwords. The bad guys can then use the passwords to access your accounts and steal information or money.

It’s important to know what phishing is and how you can protect yourself from this type of attack.

Phishing training is a great way to make sure your staff know what to look out for and what they can do to avoid being a victim of phishing attacks.

Website Training

If your business has a website, you will most likely have to put some work into maintaining it. If you are not a web designer or developer, then you should consider training your staff in website maintenance.

If you have a website, but no one is taking care of it, then there is a good chance that it is vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Website training can ensure that your business is protected from these attacks. The training will teach staff the importance of protecting your website and how to do so by performing routine maintenance on your site.

Other types of training services we can assist with

  • IT service updates

  • Email and calendars

  • Internet and wifi

  • Accounts and passwords

  • Folders and file storage

    • Software and web apps

    • Phones, devices and printing

    • Working remotely

    • Audiovisual

    • ICT procurement and purchasing

Continued professional training courses enhance existing skills for increased productivity that helps the employee, the workplace, customers and clients.

Whether you use the guidance of the technical experts at Bridge IT or a registered training organisation, training is an effective way to develop skills, knowledge & increase safety of your staff and workplace.

Contact the Training Department at Bridge IT, Australia for quality one on one or group training courses.