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Bridge IT Solutions: Your Trusted Source for HPE Aruba Spare Parts in Australia

Are you in search of Aruba spare parts, refurbished servers, and data center equipment in Australia? Look no further than Bridge IT Solutions. We are your dedicated partner in optimizing IT budgets and investments, offering an extensive range of new and high-quality refurbished servers, storage, memory, and networking equipment across Australia. Our specialization lies in providing Configure-to-Order (CTO) servers with certified solutions architects, ensuring that your IT upgrades deliver optimal performance and long-term value.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • All items listed in our store are in stock as of the 1st of the month and are sourced from multiple HPE warehouses.
  • We are proud suppliers of renowned brands, including HPE, HP Renew (directly from HP), Dell, IBM, and Cisco. Bridge IT Solutions is your go-to destination for locating hard-to-find server parts.
  • Rest assured, all HPE spare parts, whether new or refurbished, come with a reliable 3-year warranty, subject to certain conditions.
  • For HPE RENEW products, simply identify them by the addition of an “R” to the HP product number.

Payment Terms for Spare Parts:

To facilitate a smooth transaction, we kindly request payment in full before processing your order for postage.

Regional Restrictions:

Please note that due to regional constraints, we can only sell parts to businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Bridge IT Solutions is committed to serving our local customers with high-quality Aruba spare parts and IT equipment.

Choose Bridge IT Solutions for all your Aruba spare part needs, and experience a seamless, reliable, and cost-effective solution for your IT infrastructure requirements.

Aruba Instant On Spare Parts Product Lineup
GroupFamilyModelClassCategoryRenewPN#DescriptionNPI?Max BuildAs Is
Routers.RoutersAMSR1000JG732ARHPE MSR1003 8 AC RouterYes99
JG875ARHPE MSR1002 4 AC RouterYes33
JH060ARHPE MSR1003 8S AC RouterYes1313
MSR2000JG411ARHPE MSR2003 AC RouterYes2424
MSR3000JG405ARHPE MSR3044 RouterYes33
JG406ARHPE MSR3024 AC RouterYes00
JG409BRHPE MSR3012 AC RouterYes00
R8V32ARHPE MSR3016 AC Router11
R9J04ARHPE MSR3046 Router11
MSR4000JG402ARHPE MSR4080 Router ChassisYes00
JG403ARHPE MSR4060 Router ChassisYes00
MSR4000 optionsJG412ARHPE MSR4000 MPU-100 Main Processing UnitYes1313
JG413ARHPE MSR4000 SPU-100 Svc Processing UnitYes33
JG422ARHPE MSR 8p Gig-T HMIM Mod11
JG426ARHPE MSR 24p Gig-T Switch HMIM ModYes00
JG527ARHPE X351 300W AC Power SupplyYes3232
JG670ARHPE MSR4000 SPU 300 Svc Processing UnitYes66
JH238ARHPE MSR 8p BASE-X/4p Combo L2-3 HMIM ModYes174
MSR93x rack kitsJG852ARHPE MSR930 Chassis Rackmount KitNrfb00
MSR95xJH296ARHPE MSR954 1GbE SFP RouterYes1414
JH297ARHPE MSR954-W 1GbE SFP (WW) RouterYes22
JH299ARHPE MSR954-W 1GbE SFP LTE (WW) RtrYes55
JH300ARHPE MSR958 1GbE and Combo RouterYes55
JH373ARHPE MSR954 Dual 4G (WW) RouterYes11
BOptionsJG739ARHPE MSR 4p Gig-T Switch SIC ModYes1111
JG741ARHPE MSR 8p BASE-T/2p Combo Swch HMIM ModYes44
R8V29ARHPE MSR 4p GbE Combo SIC Module11
Ent. RoutersA/6600JG353ARHPE HSR6602 G RouterYes11
JG354ARHPE HSR6602 XG RouterYes11
/6800JG361BRHPE HSR6802 Router ChassisYes33
JG362BRHPE HSR6804 Router ChassisYes11
JG363BRHPE HSR6808 Router ChassisYes22
/6800 optionsJG335ARHPE HSR6800 1200W AC Power SupplyYes99
JG365ARHPE HSR6808 SFE X1 SW Fbrc Engn Rtr ModYes44
JG672ARHPE HSR6800 FIP-310 Flex Int Pltfrm ModYes22
JH075ARHPE HSR6800 RSE-X3 Router MPUYes44
SwitchesEnt. SwitchesA/10500 optionsJC665ARHPE X421 Chassis Universal 4-post RM KitNrfb22
JC753ARHPE 10508/10508-V 1.04Tbps Typ B Fab ModYes2424
/12900 baseJH255ARHPE 12908E Switch ChassisYes00
JH262ARHPE 12904E Switch ChassisYes99
JH345ARHPE 12902E Switch ChassisYes22
/12900 optionsJG888BRHPE 12900 48p 1/10GbE SFP+ FX ModYes77
JH005ARHPE 12900 12p 40GbE QSFP+ FX ModYes22
JH006ARHPE 12900 8p 100GbE CXP FX ModYes11
JH007ARHPE 12900 48p 1/10GBASE-T FX ModYes66
JH045ARHPE 12900 36p 40GbE QSFP+ FX ModYes22
JH108ARHPE 12900E 2400W AC PSUYes1616
JH249ARHPE 12900 48p 1/10GbE SFP+ FE ModYes22
JH257ARHPE 12908E 5.0Tbps Type F Fabric ModYes2222
JH264ARHPE 12904E 2.5Tbps Type F Fabric ModYes4848
JH288ARHPE 12900 8p 100GbE CFP2 FX ModYes11
JH346ARHPE 12902E Main Processing UnitYes44
JH359ARHPE 12900E 48p 40GbE QSFP+ HB ModYes00
JH364ARHPE 12904E 7.2Tbps Type H Fabric ModYes44
JH425ARHPE 12900E 18p 100G/18p 40G HF ModYes22
JH447ARHPE 12902E High Speed Fan Tray AssyYes44
JH448ARHPE 12904E High Speed Fan Tray AssyYes44
JH668ARHPE 12904E v2 Main Processing UnitYes22
JH669ARHPE 12900E v2 Main Processing UnitYes22
JQ059ARHPE 12900E Chassis Universal RM KitNrfb00
JQ061ARHPE 12900E 48p 10GbE SFP+ HF ModYes66
SBN NetworkA(blank)JG960ARHPE 1950 24G 2SFP+ 2XGT SwitchYes44
JG961ARHPE 1950 48G 2SFP+ 2XGT SwitchYes11
JG962ARHPE 1950 24G 2SFP+ 2XGT PoE+ SwchYes11
JG963ARHPE 1950 48G 2SFP+ 2XGT PoE+ SwchYes11
JH019ARHPE 1420 24G PoE+ (124W) SwitchYes33
JH295ARHPE 1950 12XGT 4SFP+ SwitchYes00
JL169ARHPE 1850 6XGT 2XGT/SFP+ SwitchYes11
JL170ARHPE 1850 24G 2XGT SwitchYes11
JL171ARHPE 1850 48G 4XGT SwitchYes11
JL172ARHPE 1850 24G 2XGT PoE+ 185W SwitchYes11
JL380ARHPE 1920S 8G SwitchYes22
JL381ARHPE 1920S 24G 2SFP SwitchYes11
JL382ARHPE 1920S 48G 4SFP SwitchYes11
JL383ARHPE 1920S 8G PPoE+ 65W SwitchYes11
JL384ARHPE 1920S 24G 2SFP PPoE+ 185W SwchYes44
JL385ARHPE 1920S 24G 2SFP PoE+ 370W SwchYes11
JL386ARHPE 1920S 48G 4SFP PPoE+ 370W SwchYes00
SwitchesA2530-seriesJ9772ARAruba 2530 48G PoE+ SwitchYes00
J9773ARAruba 2530 24G PoE+ SwitchYes00
J9774ARAruba 2530 8G PoE+ SwitchYes00
J9775ARAruba 2530 48G SwitchYes00
J9776ARAruba 2530 24G SwitchYes11
J9777ARAruba 2530 8G SwitchYes22
J9778ARAruba 2530 48 PoE+ SwitchYes00
J9779ARAruba 2530 24 PoE+ SwitchYes00
J9780ARAruba 2530 8 PoE+ SwitchYes00
J9781ARAruba 2530 48 SwitchYes11
J9782ARAruba 2530 24 SwitchYes44
J9783ARAruba 2530 8 SwitchYes22
JL070ARAruba 2530 8 PoE+ Internal PS SwchNrfb00
2540-seriesJL354ARAruba 2540 24G 4SFP+ SwitchYes22
JL355ARAruba 2540 48G 4SFP+ SwitchYes11
JL356ARAruba 2540 24G PoE+ 4SFP+ SwitchYes00
JL357ARAruba 2540 48G PoE+ 4SFP+ SwitchYes00
2920-optionsJ9734ARAruba 2920/2930M 0.5m Stacking CableNrfb00
J9735ARAruba 2920/2930M 1m Stacking CableNrfb00
J9736ARAruba 2920/2930M 3m Stacking CableNrfb22
2930F-baseJL253ARAruba 2930F 24G 4SFP+ SwchYes00
JL254ARAruba 2930F 48G 4SFP+ SwchYes00
JL255ARAruba 2930F 24G PoE+ 4SFP+ SwchYes65
JL256ARAruba 2930F 48G PoE+ 4SFP+ SwchYes00
JL258ARAruba 2930F 8G PoE+ 2SFP+ SwchYes00
JL259ARAruba 2930F 24G 4SFP SwchYes00
JL260ARAruba 2930F 48G 4SFP SwchYes1010
JL261ARAruba 2930F 24G PoE+ 4SFP SwchYes00
JL262ARAruba 2930F 48G PoE+ 4SFP SwchYes00
JL557ARAruba 2930F 48GPoE+4SFP 740W SwchYes33
JL558ARAruba 2930F 48GPoE+4SFP+740W SwchYes00
JL693ARAruba 2930F 12G PoE+ SwchYes00
2930M-baseJL319ARAruba 2930M 24G 1-slot SwitchYes00
JL320ARAruba 2930M 24G PoE+ 1-slot SwitchYes22
JL321ARAruba 2930M 48G 1-slot SwitchYes11
JL322ARAruba 2930M 48G PoE+ 1-slot SwitchYes66
JL323ARAruba 2930M 40G 8 Smrt Rte PoE+ 1s SwchYes00
JL324ARAruba 2930M 24 Smrt Rte PoE+ 1s SwchYes22
R0M67ARAruba 2930M 40G 8SR PoE Class 6 1s SwchYes00
R0M68ARAruba 2930M 24SR PoE Class 6 1s SwchYes33
2930M-optionsJL325ARAruba 2930 2-port Stacking ModuleYes1818
3800-optionsJ9578ARAruba 3800/3810M 0.5m Stacking CableNrfb00
J9579ARAruba 3800/3810M 3m Stacking CableNrfb00
J9665ARAruba 3800/3810M 1m Stacking CableNrfb11
3810-baseJL071ARAruba 3810M 24G 1-slot SwchYes22
JL072ARAruba 3810M 48G 1-slot SwchYes11
JL073ARAruba 3810M 24G PoE+ 1-slot SwchYes00
JL074ARAruba 3810M 48G PoE+ 1-slot SwchYes00
JL075ARAruba 3810M 16SFP+ 2-slot SwchYes22
JL076ARAruba 3810M 40G 8SR PoE+ 1-slot SwchYes00
3810-bundleJL428ARAruba 3810M 48GPoE+4SFP+680W SwchYes00
JL429ARAruba 3810M 48GPoE+4SFP+1050W SwchYes00
JL430ARAruba 3810M 24SFP+250W SwchYes20
3810-optionsJL078ARAruba 3810M/2930M 1QSFP+ 40GbE ModuleYes66
JL079ARAruba 3810M 2QSFP+ 40GbE ModuleYes44
JL081ARAruba 3810M/2930M 4 Smrt Rte PoE+ ModuleYes22
JL083ARAruba 3810M/2930M 4SFP+ MACsec ModuleYes1313
JL084ARAruba 3810M 4-port Stacking ModuleYes2424
JL085ARAruba X371 12VDC 250W PSYes3737
JL086ARAruba X372 54VDC 680W PSYes3636
JL087ARAruba X372 54VDC 1050W PSYes7676
JL088ARAruba 3810 Switch Fan TrayYes11
4100i-baseJL817ARAruba 4100i 12G CL4/6 POE 2SFP+ DIN SwYes44
JL818ARAruba 4100i 24G CL4/6 POE 4SFP+ Sw33
4100i-optionsJL819ARAruba 4000i POE 240W AC DIN PSUYes33
JL820ARAruba 4000i POE 480W AC DIN PSU77
5120-seriesJE072BRHPE 5120 48G SI SwitchYes33
JE074BRHPE 5120 24G SI SwitchYes55
5130-seriesJG932ARHPE 5130 24G 4SFP+ EI SwitchYes77
JG933ARHPE 5130 24G SFP 4SFP+ EI SwitchYes00
JG934ARHPE 5130 48G 4SFP+ EI SwitchYes22
JG936ARHPE 5130 24G PoE+ 4SFP+ EI SwchYes44
JG937ARHPE 5130 48G PoE+ 4SFP+ EI SwchYes33
JG938ARHPE 5130 24G 2SFP+ 2XGT EI SwitchYes11
JG940ARHPE 5130 24G POE+ 2SFP+ 2XGT EI SwYes11
JG941ARHPE 5130 48G POE+ 2SFP+ 2XGT EI SwYes22
JH323ARHPE 5130 24G 4SFP+ 1-slot HI SwitchYes22
JH324ARHPE 5130 48G 4SFP+ 1-slot HI SwitchYes22
JH325ARHPE 5130 24G PoE+ 4SFP+ 1-slot HI SwitchYes00
JH326ARHPE 5130 48G PoE+ 4SFP+ 1-slot HI SwitchYes22
5140-seriesJL824ARHPE 5140 48G PoE+ 4SFP+ EI SwYes1717
JL827ARHPE 5140 24G PoE+ 4SFP+ EI SwYes33
JL829ARHPE 5140 48G 4SFP+ EI Sw22
R9L62ARHPE 5140 48G 4SFP+ 1-slot HI Sw22
R9L64ARHPE 5140 48G PoE+ 4SFP+ 1-slot HI Sw1717
5400-baseJ9821ARAruba 5406R zl2 SwitchYes87
J9822ARAruba 5412R zl2 SwitchYes00
5400-bundleJL002ARAruba 5406R 8XGT PoE+/8SFP+ v3 zl2 SwchYes00
JL003ARAruba 5406R 44GT PoE+/4SFP+ v3 zl2 SwchYes00
5400-optionsJ9827ARAruba 5400R zl2 Management ModuleYes80
J9828ARAruba 5400R 700W PoE+ zl2 PSUYes1010
J9829ARAruba 5400R 1100W PoE+ zl2 PSUYes22
J9830BRAruba 5400R 2750W PoE+ zl2 PSUYes11
J9831ARAruba 5406R zl2 Switch Fan Tray80
J9832ARAruba 5412R zl2 Switch Fan Tray00
J9986ARAruba 24p 1000BASE-T PoE+ v3 zl2 ModYes11
J9987ARAruba 24p 1000BASE-T v3 zl2 ModYes00
J9988ARAruba 24p 1GbE SFP v3 zl2 ModYes00
J9990ARAruba 20p PoE+ / 4p SFP+ v3 zl2 ModYes00
J9991ARAruba 20p PoE+ 4p 1/2.5/5/XGT v3 zl2 ModYes11
J9992ARAruba 20p PoE+ 1p 40GbE QSFP+ v3 zl2 ModYes11
J9993ARAruba 8p 1G/10GbE SFP+ v3 zl2 ModYes00
J9995ARAruba 8p 1/2.5/5/XGT PoE+ v3 zl2 ModYes21
J9996ARAruba 2p 40GbE QSFP+ v3 zl2 ModYes22
5500-optionsJG544ARHPE X362 720W AC PoE Power SupplyYes6565
JG545ARHPE X362 1110W AC PoE Power SupplyYes285285
5510-baseJH145ARHPE 5510 24G 4SFP+ HI SwchYes11
JH146ARHPE 5510 48G 4SFP+ HI SwchYes00
JH147ARHPE 5510 24G PoE+ 4SFP+ HI SwchYes22
JH148ARHPE 5510 48G PoE+ 4SFP+ HI SwchYes66
JH149ARHPE 5510 24G SFP 4SFP+ HI SwchYes00
5510-optionsJH156ARHPE 5130/5510 10GBASE-T 2p ModuleYes55
5520-baseR8M25ARHPE 5520 24G 4SFP+ HI SwchYes1313
R8M26ARHPE 5520 48G 4SFP+ HI SwchYes00
R8M27ARHPE 5520 24G SFP 4SFP+ HI SwchYes99
R8M28ARHPE 5520 24G PoE+ 4SFP+ HI Swch66
R8M29ARHPE 5520 48G PoE+ 4SFP+ HI SwchYes170170
5520-optionsJH155ARHPE 5520/5600 2P QSFP+ ModYes2727
JH157ARHPE 5140/5520HI 10GbE SFP+Msec128 2p ModYes66
5700-seriesJG898ARHPE 5700 32XGT 8XG 2QSFP+ SwchYes44
5710-baseJL585ARHPE 5710 48SFP+ 6QS+/2QS28 SwitchYes66
JL586ARHPE 5710 48XGT 6QS+/2QS28 SwitchYes22
JL587ARHPE 5710 24SFP+ 6QS+/2QS28 SwitchYes55
JL689ARHPE 5710 24XGT 6QS+/2QS28 SwitchYes00
5710-optionsJL589ARHPE 5710 250W FB AC PSUYes1414
JL590ARHPE 5710 250W BF AC PSUYes1010
JL592ARHPE 5710 450W FB AC PSUYes2525
JL593ARHPE 5710 450W BF AC PSUYes1111
JL594ARHPE X721 FB Fan TrayYes9898
JL595ARHPE X722 BF Fan TrayYes2626
58xx-optionsJC087ARHPE 5800 300W AC Power SupplyYes99
JC091ARHPE 5800 4-port 10GbE SFP+ ModuleYes22
JC095ARHPE 5800 16-port SFP ModuleYes88
JC680ARHPE 58x0AF 650W AC Power SupplyYes225225
JC682ARHPE 58x0AF Bck(pwr) Frt(prt) Fan TrayYes2828
JC683ARHPE 58x0AF Frt(prt) Bck(pwr) Fan TrayYes3636
JD362BRHPE X361 150W AC Power SupplyYes7676
JD366BRHPE X361 150W DC Power SupplyNrfb00
JG900ARHPE A58x0AF 300W AC Power SupplyYes2121
5900-baseJC772ARHPE 5900AF 48XG 4QSFP+ SwitchYes11
JG336ARHPE 5900AF 48XGT 4QSFP+ SwitchYes33
JG838ARHPE 5900CP 48XG 4QSFP+ SwitchYes22
JL864ARHPE 5901AF 48G 4XG 2QSFP+ SwitchYes33
5900-bundleJH302ARHPE 5900CP 48XG 4Q+ FB AC BdlYes20
5900-optionsJG552ARHPE X711 Frt(prt) Bck(pwr) HV Fan TrayYes113113
JG553ARHPE X712 Bck(pwr) Frt(prt) HV Fan TrayYes3535
JL837ARHPE 5944 Prt2Pwr Fan Module44
JL838ARHPE 5944 Pwr2Prt Fan ModuleYes22
5920-baseJG296ARHPE 5920AF 24XG SwitchYes33
5920-optionsJG297ARHPE 5920AF 24XG Bk(pwr) Frt(prt) Fn TrayYes2020
JG298ARHPE 5920AF 24XG Frt(prt) Bk(pwr) Fn TrayYes66
5930-optionsJH180ARHPE 5930 24p SFP+ and 2p QSFP+ ModYes108
JH181ARXPE 5930 24p SFP+/2p QSFP+ w/Msec ModYes22
JH182ARHPE 5930 24p 10GBASE-T/2p MCsc QSFP+ ModYes97
JH183ARHPE 5930 8-port QSFP+ ModuleYes11
JH184ARHPE 5930 24p Conv Port and 2p QSFP+ ModYes22
JH185ARHPE 5930 4-slot B(pwr) F(prt) Fan TrayYes44
JH186ARHPE 5930 4-slot F(prt) B(pwr) Fan TrayYes1010
5940-baseJH390ARHPE FF 5940 48SFP+ 6QSFP28 SwitchYes1414
JH391ARHPE FF 5940 48XGT 6QSFP28 SwitchYes22
JH395ARHPE FF 5940 48SFP+ 6QSFP+ SwitchYes55
JH397ARHPE FF 5940 2-slot SwitchYes44
5940-optionsJH336ARHPE SW 650W 48V NEBS DC PSUNrfb00
5945-baseJQ074ARHPE 5945 48SFP28 8QSFP28 SwitchYes1111
JQ075ARHPE 5945 2-slot SwitchYes77
JQ076ARHPE 5945 4-slot SwitchYes00
JQ077ARHPE 5945 32QSFP28 SwitchYes66
5950-baseJH402ARHPE FF 5950 48SFP28 8QSFP28 SwitchYes11
5950-optionsJH388ARHPE X711 Frt(prt)-Bck(pwr) HV2 Fan TrayYes122122
JH389ARHPE X712 Bck(pwr)-Frt(prt) HV2 Fan TrayYes9393
JH405ARHPE 5950 16-port QSFP+ ModYes11
JH406ARHPE 5950 8-port QSFP28 ModYes11
JH450ARHPE 5950 24p SFP28 and 2p QSFP28 Mod66
5980-baseJQ026ARHPE 5980 48SFP+ 6QSFP28 SwitchYes11
7500-optionsJD217ARHPE 7500 650W AC Power SupplyYes00
JD218ARHPE 7500 1400W AC Power SupplyYes88
JD219ARHPE 7500 2800W AC Power SupplyYes44
JD226ARHPE 7502 300W AC Power SupplyYes00
JD227ARHPE 7500X 6000W AC Power SupplyYes44
JH210ARHPE 7500 44p GbE/4p 10GbE SE ModYes11
JH211ARHPE 7500 24p GbE/4p 10GbE SE ModYes11
JH212ARHPE 7500 48p 1000BASE-T SE ModYes44
7500X-baseR8N47ARHPE 7510X PoE Ethernet Switch Chassis11
R8N48ARHPE 7506X PoE Ethernet Switch Chassis11
R8N49ARHPE 7503X Ethernet Switch Chassis11
7500X-optionsJH215ARHPE 7503/7506/7506 V 650W AC PSU11
R8N51ARHPE 7506X Type C Fabric/MPU11
R8N54ARHPE 7500X 40x1G SFP 8x10G SFP+ FD Mod11
7900-baseJG682ARHPE 7904 Switch ChassisYes55
JG841ARHPE 7910 Switch ChassisYes33
7900-optionsJG683BRHPE 7900 12p 40GbE QSFP+ FX ModYes1313
JG684ARHPE 7904 Frt(prt) Bck(pwr) Fan TrayYes2626
JG840ARHPE 7900 1800w AC PSUYes2929
JG842ARHPE 7910 7.2Tbps Fabric/MPUYes1212
JG843ARHPE 7910 Frt(prt) Bck(pwr) Fan TrayYes1010
JG845ARHPE 7900 24p 1/10GbE SFP+ FX ModYes1414
JH002ARHPE 7900 2p 100G/6p 40G/4p 10G FX ModYes22
JH042ARHPE 7910 Bottom Support RailsNrfb00
CX10000-baseR8P13ARAruba CX 10000-48Y6C FB6F2PS Bdl22
R8P14ARAruba CX 10000-48Y6C BF6F2PS BdlYes22
CX10000-optionsR8R51ARAruba CX 10000-48Y6C FB AC PSU40
R8R52ARAruba CX 10000-48Y6C BF AC PSU40
R8R53ARAruba CX 10000-48Y6C FB Fan120
R8R54ARAruba CX 10000-48Y6C BF Fan120
R8R56ARAruba CX 10000 1U 4p Rack Mount KitNrfb00
CX6000-baseR8N87ARAruba 6000 24G CL4 4SFP Swch11
CX6100-baseJL675ARAruba 6100 48G CL4 4SFP+ SwchYes33
JL676ARAruba 6100 48G 4SFP+ Swch22
JL677ARAruba 6100 24G CL4 4SFP+ SwchYes22
JL679ARAruba 6100 12G CL4 2SFP+ 139W SwchYes22
CX6200-baseJL724ARAruba 6200F 24G 4SFP+ SwchYes22
JL725ARAruba 6200F 24G CL4 4SFP+370W SwchYes44
JL726ARAruba 6200F 48G 4SFP+ SwchYes33
JL727ARAruba 6200F 48G CL4 4SFP+370W SwchYes11
JL728ARAruba 6200F 48G CL4 4SFP+740W SwchYes11
CX6300-baseJL658ARAruba 6300M 24SFP+ 4SFP56 SwchYes00
JL659ARAruba 6300M 48SR5 CL6 PoE 4SFP56 SwchYes22
JL660ARAruba 6300M 24SR5 CL6 PoE 4SFP56 SwchYes88
JL661ARAruba 6300M 48G CL4 PoE 4SFP56 SwchYes00
JL662ARAruba 6300M 24G CL4 PoE 4SFP56 SwchYes00
JL664ARAruba 6300M 24G 4SFP56 SwchYes22
JL665ARAruba 6300F 48G CL4 PoE 4SFP56 SwYes11
JL666ARAruba 6300F 24G CL4 PoE 4SFP56 SwYes22
JL668ARAruba 6300F 24G 4SFP56 SwYes44
JL762ARAruba 6300M 48G Pwr2Prt 2F 1PS BdlYes00
CX6300-optionsJL669ARAruba 6300M Fan TrayYes3939
JL670ARAruba X372 54VDC 1600W PSYes2828
JL758ARAruba 6300M 1050W 36-72VDC PSU22
JL760ARAruba X371 12VDC 250W Pwr2Prt PSYes11
CX6400-bundleJL741ARAruba 6410 96G CL4 PoE 4SFP56 SwchYes00
R0X26ARAruba 6405 SwchYes22
R0X27ARAruba 6410 SwchYes22
CX6400-optionsR0X31ARAruba 6400 Management ModuleYes51
R0X32ARAruba 6400 Fan Tray120
R0X35ARAruba 6400 1800W PS/C16 AccessoryYes1818
R0X36ARAruba 6400 3000W PS/C20 AccessoryYes44
R0X38BRAruba 6400 48p 1GbE CL4 PoE ModYes33
R0X39BRAruba 6400 48p 1GbE CL4 PoE 4SFP56 ModYes00
R0X40BRAruba 6400 48p 1GbE CL6 PoE 4SFP56 ModYes00
R0X41ARAruba 6400 48p SR5 CL6 PoE 4SFP56 ModYes00
R0X42ARAruba 6400 24p 10GT 4SFP56 ModYes66
R0X43ARAruba 6400 24p SFP+ 4SFP56 ModYes33
R0X44ARAruba 6400 48p 10G/25G SFP28 ModYes11
R0X45ARAruba 6400 12p 40G/100G QSFP28 ModYes66
CX8320-baseJL479ARAruba 8320 48 10/6 40 X472 5 2 BdlYes11
JL579ARAruba 8320 32 40G QSFP+ with X472 5 FansYes22
JL581ARAruba 8320 48 T/6 40 X472 5 2 BdlYes88
CX8320-optionsJL480ARAruba X371 400W AC Power Supply220
JL481ARAruba X721 Front-to-Back Fan550
JL482BRAruba X472 2-post Rack KitNrfb121
JL482CRAruba X472 2-post Rack KitNrfb00
JL483CRAruba X474 4-post Rack KitNrfb00
CX8325-baseJL624ARAruba 8325-48Y8C FB 6 F 2 PS BdlYes54
JL625ARAruba 8325-48Y8C BF 6 F 2 PS BdlYes22
JL626ARAruba 8325-32C FB 6 F 2 PS BdlYes55
CX8325-optionsJL628ARAruba 8325-48Y8C Front-to-Back FanYes300
JL629ARAruba 8325-48Y8C Back-to-Front Fan120
JL630ARAruba 8325-32C Front-to-Back Fan300
JL632ARAruba 8325 650W 100-240VAC FB PSU234
JL633ARAruba 8325 650W 100-240VAC BF PSU40
CX8360-baseJL702ARAruba 8360-16Y2C Prt2Pwr3F2PS BdlYes41
JL703ARAruba 8360-16Y2C Pwr2Prt3F2PS BdlYes33
JL706ARAruba 8360-48XT4C Prt2Pwr3F2PS Bdl44
JL708ARAruba 8360-12C Prt2Pwr3F2PS BdlYes33
JL710ARAruba 8360-24XF2C Prt2Pwr3F2PS BdlYes00
CX8360-optionsJL600ARAruba X391 550W Prt2Pwr AC PSU215
JL712ARAruba X391 550W Pwr2Prt AC PSU115
JL714ARAruba X741 Prt2Pwr Fan295
JL715ARAruba X742 Pwr2Prt Fan90
CX8400-baseJL375ARAruba 8400 Base Cbl Mgr X462 BndlYes44
CX8400-bundleJL376ARAruba 8400 1 MM 3 PS 2 FM 32/8 BdlYes00
CX8400-optionsJL363ARAruba 8400X 32p 10G SFP/SFP+ Msec ModYes11
JL365ARAruba 8400X 8p 40G QSFP+ Adv ModYes22
JL366ARAruba 8400X 6p 40G/100G QSFP28 Adv ModYes11
JL367ARAruba 8400X 7.2Tbps Fab ModYes99
JL368ARAruba 8400 Mgmt ModYes88
JL369ARAruba X731 Fan Tray120
JL370ARAruba 8400 Fan for X731 Fan Tray720
JL371ARAruba 8400 1 Fan Tray and 6 Fans Bundle120
JL372ARAruba X382 54VDC 2700W AC PSYes1312
JL374ARAruba X462 2-post Rack KitNrfb40
Switches AccessoryC(blank)J4858DRAruba 1G SFP LC SX 500m MMF XCVRYes6969
J4859DRAruba 1G SFP LC LX 10km SMF XCVRYes66
J4860DRAruba 1G SFP LC LH 70km SMF XCVR22
J8177DRAruba 1G SFP RJ45 T 100m Cat5e XCVRYes9696
J9054DRAruba 100M SFP LC FX 2km MMF XCVR22
J9150DRAruba 10G SFP+ LC SR 300m MMF XCVRYes259259
J9151ERAruba 10G SFP+ LC LR 10km SMF XCVRYes6161
J9152DRAruba 10G SFP+ LC LRM 220m MMF XCVRYes88
J9153DRAruba 10G SFP+ LC ER 40km SMF XCVRYes66
J9281DRAruba 10G SFP+ to SFP+ 1m DAC CableYes2828
J9283DRAruba 10G SFP+ to SFP+ 3m DAC CableYes4242
J9285DRAruba 10G SFP+ to SFP+ 7m DAC CableYes77
J9583ARHPE X410 1U Univ 4-post RM KitNrfb00
J9583BRAruba X414 1U Universal 4-post RM KitNrfb22
J9880ARHPE 1.8M C7 to NEMA 1-15P Pwr CordNrfb141
JC784CRHPE X240 10G SFP+ 7m DAC CableYes1919
JD089BRHPE X120 1G SFP RJ45 T TransceiverYes8787
JD092BRHPE X130 10G SFP+ LC SR TransceiverYes177157
JD094BRHPE X130 10G SFP+ LC LR TransceiverYes9898
JD095CRHPE X240 10G SFP+ SFP+ 0.65m DAC CableYes2525
JD096CRHPE X240 10G SFP+ SFP+ 1.2m DAC CableYes119119
JD097CRHPE X240 10G SFP+ SFP+ 3m DAC CableYes145145
JD098BRHPE X120 1G SFP LC BX 10-U TransceiverYes22
JD099BRHPE X120 1G SFP LC BX 10-D TransceiverYes22
JD102BRHPE X115 100M SFP LC FX TransceiverYes11
JD103ARHPE X120 1G SFP LC LH100 TransceiverYes22
JD118BRHPE X120 1G SFP LC SX TransceiverYes7070
JD119BRHPE X120 1G SFP LC LX TransceiverYes3636
JD120BRHPE X110 100M SFP LC LX TransceiverYes22
JD183ARHPE RPS 800 Redundant Power SupplyYes33
JD187ARHPE X290 1000 A JD5 2m RPS CableNrfb00
JD190ARHPE X290 500/800 1m RPS CableNrfb00
JD521ARHPE X200 V.24 DCE 3m Serial Port CableNrfb00
JD523ARHPE X200 V.35 DTE 3m Serial Port CableNrfb00
JG081CRHPE X240 10G SFP+ SFP+ 5m DAC CableYes2323
JG234ARHPE X130 10G SFP+ LC ER 40km XCVRYes00
JG326ARHPE X240 40G QSFP+ QSFP+ 1m DAC CableYes2819
JG327ARHPE X240 40G QSFP+ QSFP+ 3m DAC CableYes8862
JG328ARHPE X240 40G QSFP+ QSFP+ 5m DAC CableYes2727
JG329ARHPE X240 QSFP+ 4x10G SFP+ 1m DAC CableYes2424
JG330ARHPE X240 QSFP+ 4x10G SFP+ 3m DAC CableYes101101
JG331ARHPE X240 QSFP+ 4x10G SFP+ 5m DAC CableYes1717
JG709ARHPE X140 40G QSFP+ CSR4 300m XCVRYes44
JG915ARHPE X130 10G SFP+ LC LH 80km XCVR11
JH231ARHPE X142 40G QSFP+ MPO SR4 TransceiverYes1313
JH232ARHPE X142 40G QSFP+ LC LR4 SM TransceiverYes1111
JH233ARHPE X142 40G QSFP+ MPO eSR4 300M XCVRYes11
JH234ARHPE X242 40G QSFP+ to QSFP+ 1m DAC CableYes1919
JH235ARHPE X242 40G QSFP+ to QSFP+ 3m DAC CableYes1713
JH236ARHPE X242 40G QSFP+ to QSFP+ 5m DAC CableYes99
JH289ARHPE X150 100G CFP2 LC LR4 10km SM XCVRYes22
JH419ARHPE X150 100G QSFP28 SWDM4 100m MM XCVRYes44
JH420ARHPE X150 100G QSFP28 PSM4 500m SM XCVRYes88
JH672ARHPE X150 100G QSFP28 eSR4 300m MM XCVRYes22
JH678ARHPE X140 40G QSFP+ LC BiDi 100m MM C-TRXYes176
JH693ARHPE X240 10G SFP+ SFP+ 0.65m DAC C-CableYes22
JH694ARHPE X240 10G SFP+ SFP+ 1.2m DAC C-CableYes1212
JH695ARHPE X240 10G SFP+ SFP+ 3m DAC C-CableYes88
JH696ARHPE X240 10G SFP+ SFP+ 7m DAC C-CableYes44
JH697ARHPE X240 40G QSFP+ QSFP+ 1m DAC C-CableYes289
JH698ARHPE X240 40G QSFP+ QSFP+ 3m DAC C-CableYes8826
JH699ARHPE X240 40G QSFP+ QSFP+ 5m DAC C-CableYes44
JH700ARHPE X240 QSFP+ 4x10G SFP+ 3m DAC C-CableYes1212
JH701ARHPE X240 100G QSFP28 1m DAC C-CableYes472
JL251ARHPE X140 40G QSFP+ LC BiDi 100m MM XCVRYes1711
JL271ARHPE X240 100G QSFP28 1m DAC CableYes4745
JL272ARHPE X240 100G QSFP28 3m DAC CableYes11
JL273ARHPE X240 100G QSFP28 5m DAC CableYes44
JL274ARHPE X150 100G QSFP28 SR4 100m MM XCVRYes3030
JL275ARHPE X150 100G QSFP28 LC LR4 10km SM XCVRYes00
JL276ARHPE X2A0 100G QSFP28 7m AOC CableYes1717
JL277ARHPE X2A0 100G QSFP28 10m AOC CableYes77
JL278ARHPE X2A0 100G QSFP28 20m AOC CableYes11
JL282ARHPE X240 QSFP28 4xSFP28 1m DAC CableYes1313
JL283ARHPE X240 QSFP28 4xSFP28 3m DAC CableYes4343
JL284ARHPE X240 QSFP28 4xSFP28 5m DAC CableYes1212
JL286ARHPE X140 40G QSFP+ LC LR4L 2km SM XCVRYes22
JL287ARHPE X2A0 40G QSFP+ 7m AOC CableYes1212
JL288ARHPE X2A0 40G QSFP+ 10m AOC CableYes22
JL289ARHPE X2A0 40G QSFP+ 20m AOC CableYes88
JL290ARHPE X2A0 10G SFP+ 7m AOC CableYes22
JL291ARHPE X2A0 10G SFP+ 10m AOC CableYes1212
JL293ARHPE X190 25G SFP28 LC SR 100m MM XCVRYes2424
JL294ARHPE X240 25G SFP28 to SFP28 1m DACYes88
JL295ARHPE X240 25G SFP28 to SFP28 3m DACYes2424
JL299ARHPE X2A0 25G SFP28 20m AOC CableYes11
JL307ARAruba 100G QSFP28-QSFP28 3m DAC CableYes1818
JL308ARAruba 40G QSFP+ LC BiDi 150m MMF XCVRYes1010
JL309ARAruba 100G QSFP28 MPO SR4 MMF XCVRYes66
JL310ARAruba 100G QSFP28 LC LR4 SMF XCVRYes44
JL437ARHPE X130 10G SFP+ LC SR DC XCVRYes17720
JL484ARAruba 25G SFP28 LC SR 100m MMF XCVRYes6464
JL485ARAruba 25G SFP28 LC eSR 400m MMF XCVRYes2222
JL486ARAruba 25G SFP28 LC LR 10km SMF XCVRYes22
JL487ARAruba 25G SFP28 to SFP28 0.65m DAC CableYes2929
JL488ARAruba 25G SFP28 to SFP28 3m DAC CableYes2525
JL489ARAruba 25G SFP28 to SFP28 5m DAC CableYes3131
JL563ARAruba 10GBASE-T SFP+ RJ45 30m Cat6A XCVRYes2828
JL563BRAruba 10GBASE-T SFP+ RJ45 30m Cat6A XCVR1010
JL697ARHPE 2.0m C13 to C14 PDU Pwr CordNrfb00
JL737ARHPE X130 10G SFP+ LC BiDi 10-U XCVRYes1515
JL738ARHPE X130 10G SFP+ LC BiDi 10-D XCVRYes22
JL780ARAruba 1G I-Tmp SFP LC SX 500m MMF XCVR11
JL781ARAruba 1G I-Tmp SFP LC LX 10km SMF XCVR11
JL782ARAruba 10G I-Tmp SFP+ LC SR 300m MMF XCVR22
JL783ARAruba 10G I-Tmp SFP+ LC LR 10km SMF XCVR11
R0M46ARAruba 50G SFP56 to SFP56 0.65m DAC CableYes2020
R0M47ARAruba 50G SFP56 to SFP56 3m DAC CableYes1414
R0Z25ARAruba 100G QSFP28 to QSFP28 1m DAC CableYes2222
R0Z26ARAruba 100G QSFP28 to QSFP28 5m DAC Cable33
R0Z27ARAruba 100G QSFP28 to QSFP28 7m AOCYes11
R0Z28ARAruba 100G QSFP28 to QSFP28 15m AOCYes11
R0Z29ARAruba 100G QSFP28 to QSFP28 30m AOCYes11
R0Z30ARAruba 100G QSFP28 LC CWDM4 2km SMF XCVRYes88
WLAN.ControllersABranch Controller (JP)JW639ARAruba 7005 (JP) 16 AP Branch CntlrYes88
JW681ARAruba 7010 (JP) 32 AP Branch CntlrYes00
JW689ARAruba 7030 (JP) 64 AP Branch CntlrYes11
JX926ARAruba 7008 (JP) 16 AP Branch CntlrYes1515
R1B33ARAruba 9012 (JP) Branch GatewayYes22
Branch Controller (RW)JW633ARAruba 7005 (RW) 16 AP Branch CntlrYes1010
JW678ARAruba 7010 (RW) 32 AP Branch CntlrYes2121
JW682ARAruba 7024 (RW) 32 AP Branch CntlrYes33
JW686ARAruba 7030 (RW) 64 AP Branch CntlrYes1212
JX927ARAruba 7008 (RW) 16 AP Branch CntlrYes2727
R1B21ARAruba 9004 (RW) GatewayYes2222
R1B32ARAruba 9012 (RW) Branch GatewayYes44
Controller (JP)JW737ARAruba 7205 (JP) ControllerYes00
JW749ARAruba 7210 (JP) ControllerYes11
JW757ARAruba 7220 (JP) ControllerYes00
R1B22ARAruba 9004 (JP) Branch GatewayYes11
Controller (RW)JW735ARAruba 7205 (RW) ControllerYes00
JW743ARAruba 7210 (RW) ControllerYes55
JW751ARAruba 7220 (RW) ControllerYes66
JW783ARAruba 7240XM (RW) ControllerYes88
JX911ARAruba 7280 (RW) ControllerYes22
Access PointsAAccess PointJW176ARAruba AP-274 Otdr Dual 3x3:3 802.11ac APYes55
JW180ARAruba AP-277 Otdr Dual 3x3:3 802.11ac APYes2525
JW182ARAruba AP-228 Indr Hrdnd Dual 802.11ac APYes22
JW184ARAruba AP-324 Dual 4x4:4 802.11ac APYes11
JW186ARAruba AP-325 Dual 4x4:4 802.11ac APYes22
JW795ARAruba AP-314 Dual 2x2/4x4 802.11ac APYes00
JW797ARAruba AP-315 Dual 2x2/4x4 802.11ac APYes00
JW799ARAruba AP-334 Dual 4x4:4 11ac 2.5GbE APYes33
JW801ARAruba AP-335 Dual 4x4:4 11ac 2.5GbE APYes00
JX935ARAruba AP-304 Dual 2x2/3x3 802.11ac APYes33
JX936ARAruba AP-305 Dual 2x2/3x3 802.11ac APYes22
JX952ARAruba AP-207 Dual 2x2:2 802.11ac APYes66
Access Point (JP)JW324ARAruba IAP-325 (JP) Instant 4x4:4 11ac APYes1212
JW810ARAruba IAP-315 (JP) Instant 2x/4x 11ac APYes1313
JW822ARAruba IAP-335 (JP) Instant 4x4:4 11ac APYes2020
JX948ARAruba IAP-305 (JP) Instant 2x/3x 11ac APYes77
JX965ARAruba AP-365 (JP) Outdoor APYes11
JX972ARAruba AP-367 (JP) Outdoor APYes44
JY682ARAruba AP-303H (JP) Unified APYes99
JY697ARAruba AP-203H (JP) Unified APYes1212
JY716ARAruba AP-203R (JP) Unified Remote APYes66
JY724ARAruba AP-203RP (JP) PoE Unified RAPYes22
JZ025ARAruba AP-344 (JP) Unified APYes22
JZ035ARAruba AP-345 (JP) Unified APYes2727
JZ151ARAruba AP-318 (JP) Indr Hardened 11ac APYes44
JZ161ARAruba AP-374 (JP) Outdoor 11ac APYes22
JZ171ARAruba AP-375 (JP) Outdoor 11ac APYes1111
JZ181ARAruba AP-377 (JP) Outdoor 11ac APYes44
JZ319ARAruba AP-303 (JP) Unified APYes00
JZ330ARAruba AP-534 (JP) Unified APYes00
JZ335ARAruba AP-535 (JP) Unified APYes00
JZ355ARAruba AP-555 (JP) Unified APYes11
Q9H56ARAruba AP-514 (JP) Unified APYes11
Q9H61ARAruba AP-515 (JP) Unified APYes00
R0G67ARAruba AP-303P (JP) Unified APYes66
R2H21ARAruba AP-504 (JP) Unified APYes22
R2H27ARAruba AP-505 (JP) Unified APYes88
R4H16ARAruba AP-575 (JP) Outdoor 11ax APYes44
R7J26ARAruba AP-635 (JP) Campus AP22
Access Point (RW)JW245ARAruba IAP-228 (RW) Hardened Instant APYes33
JW254ARAruba IAP-275 (RW) Outdoor Instant APYes11
JW260ARAruba IAP-277 (RW) Outdoor Instant APYes55
JW319ARAruba IAP-324 (RW) Instant 4x4:4 11ac APYes11
JW325ARAruba IAP-325 (RW) Instant 4x4:4 11ac APYes55
JW805ARAruba IAP-314 (RW) Instant 2x/4x 11ac APYes00
JW811ARAruba IAP-315 (RW) Instant 2x/4x 11ac APYes1616
JW817ARAruba IAP-334 (RW) Instant 4x4:4 11ac APYes22
JW823ARAruba IAP-335 (RW) Instant 4x4:4 11ac APYes1515
JX939ARAruba IAP-304 (RW) Instant 2x/3x 11ac APYes55
JX945ARAruba IAP-305 (RW) Instant 2x/3x 11ac APYes66
JX954ARAruba IAP-207 (RW) Instant 2x2:2 11ac APYes1616
JX966ARAruba AP-365 (RW) Outdoor APYes00
JX973ARAruba AP-367 (RW) Outdoor APYes22
JY678ARAruba AP-303H (RW) Unified APYes00
JY693ARAruba AP-203H (RW) Unified APYes1515
JY712ARAruba AP-203R (RW) Unified Remote APYes11
JY720ARAruba AP-203RP (RW) PoE Unified RAPYes11
JZ021ARAruba AP-344 (RW) Unified APYes1919
JZ031ARAruba AP-345 (RW) Unified APYes1616
JZ152ARAruba AP-318 (RW) Indr Hardened 11ac APYes1212
JZ162ARAruba AP-374 (RW) Outdoor 11ac APYes33
JZ172ARAruba AP-375 (RW) Outdoor 11ac APYes22
JZ182ARAruba AP-377 (RW) Outdoor 11ac APYes4040
JZ320ARAruba AP-303 (RW) Unified APYes33
JZ331ARAruba AP-534 (RW) Unified APYes44
JZ336ARAruba AP-535 (RW) Unified APYes1616
JZ356ARAruba AP-555 (RW) Unified APYes2020
Q9H57ARAruba AP-514 (RW) Unified APYes00
Q9H62ARAruba AP-515 (RW) Unified APYes00
R0G68ARAruba AP-303P (RW) Unified APYes00
R0K13ARAruba AP-387 (RW) 5/60 GHz Outdoor RadioYes1111
R2H22ARAruba AP-504 (RW) Unified APYes11
R2H28ARAruba AP-505 (RW) Unified APYes66
R3P70ARAruba AP-375EX (RW) Otdr 11ac Hazloc APYes44
R3P93ARAruba AP-377EX (RW) Otdr 11ac Hazloc APYes44
R3V36ARAruba AP-503H (RW) Unified APYes66
R3V46ARAruba AP-505H (RW) Unified APYes88
R4H02ARAruba AP-518 (RW) Indr Hardened 11ax APYes11
R4H12ARAruba AP-574 (RW) Outdoor 11ax APYes22
R4H17ARAruba AP-575 (RW) Outdoor 11ax APYes55
R4H22ARAruba AP-577 (RW) Outdoor 11ax AP44
R4W43ARAruba AP-565 (RW) Outdoor 11ax APYes55
R4W48ARAruba AP-567 (RW) Outdoor 11ax APYes00
R7J27ARAruba AP-635 (RW) Campus APYes2020
R7J38ARAruba AP-655 (RW) Campus APYes1515
R7J49ARAruba AP-615 (RW) Campus AP55
C(blank)JW054ARAruba AP-270-MNT-H1 Otdr Tilt Wall MntNrfb00
JW123ARPC-AC-KOR AC Power Cord (Korea)Nrfb00
JW127ARPC-AC-UK AC Power Cord (United Kingdom)Nrfb00
JW657ARAruba PSU-350-AC 350W AC Power SupplyNrfb00
JW833ARAruba 7240XM (RW) Cntrlr Memory UpgradeYes00
R3J18ARAP-MNT-D AP mount bracket individual DNrfb00
R3V58ARAP-500H-MNT1 Single-gang Mount KitNrfb00
R3V59ARAP-505H-MNT2 Dual-gang Mount KitNrfb00
Cape SensorsACape SensorR3R67ARAruba UXI .11ac EthernetYes1010
R3S69ARAruba UXI .11ac/Ethernet/Cell (Global)Yes55
3PAR3PAR20000AUpgrade NodeC8S85BRHPE 3PAR 20800+SW Storage Upgrade Node40
C8S88BRHPE 3PAR 20850+SW Storage Upgrade NodeYes10
N9Y50BRHPE 3PAR 20840+SW Storage Upgrade Node10
BDisk ChassisE7Y20ARHPE 3PAR 20000 24d 2U SFF Drv EnclosureYes107
Disk Chassis - UpgE7Y22ARHPE 3PAR 20000 2U SFF Upgr Drv EnclosureYes100
Drives - SASJ8S06BRHPE 3PAR 20000 600GB+SW 15K SFF HDDYes00
J8S07BRHPE 3PAR 20000 600GB+SW 10K SFF HDDYes88
J8S08BRHPE 3PAR 20000 1.2TB+SW 10K SFF HDDYes88
Drives - SSDJ8S13BRHPE 3PAR 20000 1.92TB+SW SFF SSDYes820
K2R25BRHPE 3PAR 20000 3.84TB+SW SFF SSDYes437
P9L79BRHPE 3PAR 20000 7.68TB+SW SFF SSDYes20
CAdapterC8S92ARHPE 3PAR 20000 4p 16Gbps FC HBAYes4932
C8S93ARHPE 3PAR 20000 4p 12Gbps SAS HBAYes5535
C8S94ARHPE 3PAR 20000 2p 10Gbps iSCSI/FCoE CNAYes44
C8S95ARHPE 3PAR 20000 2p 10Gbps Ethernet AdptrYes44
Adapter - UpgC8S96ARHPE 3PAR 20000 4p 16Gbps FC Upgrade HBAYes4912
C8S97ARHPE 3PAR 20000 4p 12Gbps SAS Upgrade HBAYes552
C8S98ARHPE 3PAR 20000 2p 10G iSCSI/FCoE Upg CNA40
C8S99ARHPE 3PAR 20000 2p 10Gbps Upgr Eth Adptr40
Cache MemoryQ2P70ARHPE 3PAR 750GB NVMe SCM ModYes120
Service ProcessorQ2S13ARHPE 3PAR StoreServ RPS Service ProcessorYes40
Q2S13BRHPE 3PAR StoreServ AC RPS Svc ProcessorYes40
(blank)C8S86ARHPE 3PAR StoreServ Rackmount KitNrfb00
M0T19ARHPE 3PAR Rack Accessories KitNrfb11
3PAR8000ABase.8200K2Q35BRHPE 3PAR 8200 2N+SW Storage BaseYes71
K2Q36BRHPE 3PAR 8200 2N+SW Storage Field BaseYes74
K2Q37BRHPE 3PAR 8200 2N+SW Storage Cent BaseYes70
Base.8400H6Y95BRHPE 3PAR 8400 2N+SW Storage BaseYes30
H6Y96BRHPE 3PAR 8400 2N+SW Storage Field BaseYes31
H6Z01BRHPE 3PAR 8400 4N+SW Storage BaseYes10
H6Z02BRHPE 3PAR 8400 4N+SW Storage Field BaseYes10
H6Z03BRHPE 3PAR 8400 4N+SW Storage Cent BaseYes10
H6Z12BRHPE 3PAR 8400 2N+SW Storage Cent BaseYes30
Base.8440H6Y97BRHPE 3PAR 8440 2N+SW Storage Base160
H6Y98BRHPE 3PAR 8440 4N+SW Storage BaseYes85
H6Z07BRHPE 3PAR 8440 2N+SW Storage Field BaseYes162
H6Z09BRHPE 3PAR 8440 2N+SW Storage Cent BaseYes160
H6Z13BRHPE 3PAR 8440 4N+SW Storage Field BaseYes82
H6Z14BRHPE 3PAR 8440 4N+SW Storage Cent BaseYes80
Base.8450H6Z17BRHPE 3PAR 8450 2N+SW Storage Base140
H6Z18BRHPE 3PAR 8450 2N+SW Storage Field BaseYes141
H6Z20BRHPE 3PAR 8450 2N+SW Storage Cent BaseYes140
H6Z23BRHPE 3PAR 8450 4N+SW Storage BaseYes70
H6Z24BRHPE 3PAR 8450 4N+SW Storage Field BaseYes70
H6Z25BRHPE 3PAR 8450 4N+SW Storage Cent BaseYes72
Upgrade NodeH6Z06BRHPE 3PAR 8400+SW Upgrade Node PairYes30
H6Z08BRHPE 3PAR 8440+SW Upgrade Node PairYes160
H6Z19BRHPE 3PAR 8450+SW Upgrade Node Pair140
BDisk ChassisE7Y71ARHPE 3PAR 8000 SFF(2.5in) Fld Int Dr EnclYes00
E7Y72ARHPE 3PAR 8000 LFF(3.5in) Fld Int Dr EnclYes00
H6Z26ARHPE 3PAR 8000 SFF(2.5in) SAS Drive EnclYes00
H6Z27ARHPE 3PAR 8000 LFF(3.5in) SAS Drive EnclYes00
Drives - SASK2P85BRHPE 3PAR 8000 1.2TB+SW 10K SFF FE HDDNrfb50
K2P93BRHPE 3PAR 8000 1.2TB+SW 10K SFF HDDYes104104
K2P94BRHPE 3PAR 8000 1.8TB+SW 10K SFF HDDYes4545
K2P97BRHPE 3PAR 8000 300GB+SW 15K SFF HDDYes26913
K2P98BRHPE 3PAR 8000 600GB+SW 15K SFF HDDYes341340
K2P99BRHPE 3PAR 8000 600GB+SW 10K SFF HDDYes2010
M0S92BRHPE 3PAR 8000 2TB+SW 7.2K SFF HDDYes2126
Drives - SAS - LFFK2P87BRHPE 3PAR 8000 4TB+SW 7.2K LFF HDDYes9292
K2P96BRHPE 3PAR 8000 6TB+SW 7.2K LFF HDDYes9191
P9B44BRHPE 3PAR 8000 8TB+SW 7.2K LFF HDDYes1613
R3B17ARHPE 3PAR 8000 14TB SAS 7.2K LFF HDDYes130
Drives - SSDK2P89BRHPE 3PAR 8000 1.92TB+SW SFF SSDYes7373
K2P90BRHPE 3PAR 8000 920GB+SW SFF FE SSDNrfb00
K2P91BRHPE 3PAR 8000 3.84TB+SW SFF SSDYes9673
K2R27BRHPE 3PAR 8000 1.92TB+SW SFF FE SSDNrfb00
M0T66BRHPE 3PAR 8000 3.84TB+SW SFF FE SSDNrfb00
N9Y06BRHPE 3PAR 8000 400GB+SW SFF SSDYes98
P9L83BRHPE 3PAR 8000 7.68TB+SW SFF SSDYes1414
P9L84BRHPE 3PAR 8000 7.68TB+SW SFF FE SSDNrfb640
P9M29BRHPE 3PAR 8000 3.84TB+SW Mfg SFF SSD50
P9M59BRHPE 3PAR 8000 15.36TB+SW SFF SSD00
P9M60BRHPE 3PAR 8000 15.36TB+SW SFF FE SSDNrfb00
R0P66ARHPE 3PAR 8000 920GB SFF SSD+SWYes55
CAdapterE7Y70ARHPE 3PAR 8000 2-pt 10Gb Eth AdapterYes22
H6Z00ARHPE 3PAR 8000 4-pt 16Gb FC AdapterYes3636
H6Z05ARHPE 3PAR 8000 4-pt 1Gb Eth AdapterYes3636
H6Z10ARHPE 3PAR 8000 2-pt 10Gb iSCSI/FCoE AdptrYes4242
N9Z18ARHPE 3PAR 8000 4-pt 16Gb/10Gb Combo AdptrYes77
N9Z19ARHPE 3PAR 8000 4-pt 10Gb Combo AdapterYes1616
Q2P66ARHPE 3PAR 8000 2p 32Gb FC AdapterYes40
File ControllerQ9D44ARHPE Storage Perf File ControllerYes22
Service ProcessorQ2S14ARHPE 3PAR StoreServ SPS Service ProcessorYes40
(blank)E7V95ARHPE 10m Mini SAS HD Active Optical CableNrfb00
E7V96ARHPE 25m Mini SAS HD Active Optical CableNrfb00
L7E34ARHPE 3PAR StoreServ CSI MediaNrfb00
L7E69ARHPE 3PAR 8200 All-in Multi-system SW LTUNrfb11
L7F20ARHPE 3PAR All-in Sgl-sys SW Current MediaNrfb00
L7F22ARHPE 3PAR All-in Mlt-sys SW Current MediaNrfb00
P9M65ARHPE 3PAR 8000 -48VDC Base Pwr Cool ModNrfb00
Q1H95ARHPE Storage 1U Rack Accessories KitNrfb00
Q9D29ARHPE 3PAR G2 Rack 42U Branding KitNrfb80
3PAR9000ABase.9450Q0E92ARHPE 3PAR 9450 2N+SW Storage BaseYes10
Controller NodeQ7F41ARHPE 3PAR 9450+SW Storage NodeYes52
Upgrade NodeQ0E94ARHPE 3PAR 9450+SW Upgrade NodeYes52
BDisk ChassisQ0E95ARHPE 3PAR 9000 2U SFF Drive EnclosureYes100
Disk Chassis - UpgQ2R36ARHPE 3PAR 9000 2U SFF Upg Drive EnclosureYes100
Drives - SSDQ0F41ARHPE 3PAR 9000 3.84TB+SW SFF SSDYes4336
Q0F42ARHPE 3PAR 9000 7.68TB+SW SFF SSDYes22
Q1J36ARHPE 3PAR 9000 1.92TB+SW SFF SSDYes8258
R0P67ARHPE 3PAR 9000 920GB SFF SSD+SWYes55
CAdapterQ0E96ARHPE 3PAR 9000 4pt 12Gb SAS HBAYes552
Q0E97ARHPE 3PAR 9000 4pt 16Gb FC HBAYes495
Q0E98ARHPE 3PAR 9000 2pt 10Gb iSCSI CNAYes88
Q0E99ARHPE 3PAR 9000 2pt 10Gb Eth HBAYes44
Q2P67ARHPE 3PAR 9000/20000 2p 32Gb FC HBAYes1212
JBODD3000AD3600QW968ARHPE D3600 EnclosureYes10
D3610Q1J09ARHPE D3610 EnclosureYes00
D3610 - BundleQ1J11ARHPE D3610 4TB 12G SAS MDL SC 48TB BndlYes00
D3700QW967ARHPE D3700 EnclosureYes30
D6000AD6020K2Q28ARHPE D6020 Enclosure with Dual IO ModulesYes00
BD6020 I/O ModuleK2Q23ARHPE D6020 Dual I/O Module Option KitYes82
C(blank)P19450R-B21HPE D6020 High Density Encl 1U Sup TrayNrfb11
MSAMSA_x040ABase - 2040 ESK2R79ARHPE MSA 2040 ES SAN DC LFF StorageYes00
K2R80ARHPE MSA 2040 ES SAN DC SFF StorageYes66
K2R83ARHPE MSA 2040 ES SAS DC LFF StorageYes00
K2R84ARHPE MSA 2040 ES SAS DC SFF StorageYes40
MSA_x050ABaseQ1J00ARHPE MSA 2050 SAN DC LFF StorageYes00
Q1J01ARHPE MSA 2050 SAN DC SFF StorageYes00
Q1J01BRHPE MSA 2050 SAN DC SFF StorageYes00
Q1J29ARHPE MSA 2050 SAS DC SFF StorageYes00
MSA2052 BundleQ1J03ARHPE MSA 2052 SAN DC SFF StorageYes00
Q1J31ARHPE MSA 2052 SAS DC SFF StorageYes00
B.Disk EnclosureQ1J06ARHPE MSA 2050 LFF Disk EnclosureYes00
Q1J06BRHPE MSA 2050 LFF Disk EnclosureYes00
Q1J07ARHPE MSA 2050 SFF Disk EnclosureYes00
Q1J07BRHPE MSA 2050 SFF Disk EnclosureYes00
Disk - LFFJ9F43ARHPE MSA 6TB 12G SAS 7.2K 3.5in MDL HDDYes2020
K2Q82ARHPE MSA 4TB 12G SAS 7.2K 3.5in MDL HDDYes77
M0S90ARHPE MSA 8TB 12G SAS 7.2K 3.5in 512e HDDYes44
P9M82ARHPE MSA 10TB 12G SAS 7.2K LFF 512e HDDYes2323
R0Q21ARHPE MSA 14TB SAS 7.2K LFF 512e HDDYes2721
Disk - LFF - BundleR0Q22ARHPE MSA 84TB SAS 7.2K LFF 6pk HDD BdlYes11
Disk - SFFJ9F42ARHPE MSA 600GB 12G SAS 15K 2.5in ENT HDDYes4848
J9F46ARHPE MSA 600GB 12G SAS 10K 2.5in ENT HDDYes6060
J9F48ARHPE MSA 1.2TB 12G SAS 10K 2.5in ENT HDDYes1170
J9F49ARHPE MSA 1.8TB 12G SAS 10K 2.5in 512e HDDYes66
J9F51ARHPE MSA 2TB 12G SAS 7.2K 2.5in 512e HDDYes22
Q2R41ARHPE MSA 2.4TB 12G SAS 10K 2.5in 512e HDDYes123123
Disk - SSDN9X91ARHPE MSA 1.6TB 12G SAS MU 2.5in SSDYes1313
N9X92ARHPE MSA 3.2TB 12G SAS MU 2.5in SSDYes100
N9X95ARHPE MSA 400GB 12G SAS MU 2.5in SSDYes1111
N9X96ARHPE MSA 800GB 12G SAS MU 2.5in SSDYes1919
C8S75BRHPE MSA 1Gb RJ-45 iSCSI SFP 4pk XCVRYes1313
MSA_x060ABase - 1060R0Q85ARHPE MSA 1060 16Gb FC SFF Strg10
R0Q85BRHPE MSA 1060 16Gb FC SFF Storage11
R0Q86ARHPE MSA 1060 10GBT iSCSI SFF StrgYes00
Base - 2060R0Q74ARHPE MSA 2060 16Gb FC SFF Strg80
R0Q74BRHPE MSA 2060 16Gb FC SFF StorageYes77
R0Q76ARHPE MSA 2060 10GbE iSCSI SFF StrgYes00
R7J73BRHPE MSA 2060 10GBASE-T iSCSI SFF Storage10
B.Disk EnclosureR0Q40ARHPE MSA 2060 2U 24d SFF Drv Enclosure100
R0Q40BRHPE MSA 2060 SAS 2U 24d SFF Drv EnclYes1010
Disk - SFF - BundleR0Q64ARHPE MSA 5.4TB SAS 15K SFF M2 6pk HDD Bdl00
R0Q65ARHPE MSA 7.2TB SAS 10K SFF M2 6pk HDD BdlYes22
R0Q67ARHPE MSA 14.4T SAS 10K SFF M2 6pk HDD BdlYes00
PrimeraPrimera 600ABaseN9Z46ARHPE Primera 600 2-way Storage BaseYes1615
N9Z47ARHPE Primera 600 4-way Storage BaseYes1212
Controller - 630N9Z55ARHPE Primera A630 2N ControllerYes109
N9Z56ARHPE Primera C630 2N ControllerYes100
Controller - 650N9Z60ARHPE Primera A650 2N ControllerYes110
N9Z61ARHPE Primera A650 4N ControllerYes99
N9Z62ARHPE Primera C650 2N ControllerYes110
N9Z63ARHPE Primera C650 4N ControllerYes90
Controller - 670N9Z64ARHPE Primera A670 2N ControllerYes60
N9Z65ARHPE Primera A670 4N ControllerYes30
N9Z66ARHPE Primera C670 2N ControllerYes60
N9Z67ARHPE Primera C670 4N Controller30
Controller - 670 1TBN9Z68ARHPE Primera A670 1TB 2N Controller20
N9Z69ARHPE Primera A670 1TB 4N ControllerYes10
N9Z70ARHPE Primera C670 1TB 2N Controller20
N9Z71ARHPE Primera C670 1TB 4N Controller10
BDisk ChassisN9Z50ARHPE Primera 600 2U 24d SFF Drv EnclYes276
N9Z51ARHPE Primera 600 2U 12d LFF Drv EnclYes120
Drives - 2.5" HDDR0Q05ARHPE Primera 600 2.4TB SAS 10K SFF HDDYes2020
R0Q06ARHPE Primera 600 2.4TB SAS 10K SFF FE HDDYes11
R0Q07ARHPE Primera 600 3.84TB NVMe SFF SSD1616
Drives - 2.5" SSDR0P95ARHPE Primera 600 1.92TB SAS SFF SSDYes6560
R0P96ARHPE Primera 600 3.84TB SAS SFF SSDYes2940
R0P97ARHPE Primera 600 7.68TB SAS SFF SSDYes3722
R0P98ARHPE Primera 600 15.36TB SAS SFF SSDYes20
R0P99ARHPE Primera 600 3.84TB SAS SFF FE SSDYes114114
R0Q00ARHPE Primera 600 7.68TB SAS SFF FE SSDYes980
R0Q01ARHPE Primera 600 15.36TB SAS SFF FE SSDYes66
R3R39ARHPE Primera 600 1.92TB SAS SFF FE SSDYes4040
Drives - 3.5" HDDR0Q03ARHPE Primera 600 8TB SAS 7.2K LFF HDDYes200
R0Q04ARHPE Primera 600 8TB SAS 7.2K LFF FE HDDYes120
Drives - NVMe SSDR3B24ARHPE Primera 600 1.92TB NVMe SFF SSDYes160
CAdapterN9Z37ARHPE 10/25GbE 4-port Host Bus AdapterYes3939
N9Z38ARHPE Primera 600 16Gb 4p FC HBAYes2626
N9Z39ARHPE Primera 600 32Gb 4p FC HBAYes6969
N9Z40ARHPE 10GBASE-T 4-port Host Bus AdapterYes20
N9Z41ARHPE Primera 600 12Gb SAS 4p HBAYes44
N9Z42ARHPE 2-pack 25Gb Ethernet SFP Upgrade KitYes120
N9Z43ARHPE 2-pack 10Gb Ethernet SFP Upgrade KitYes10344
(blank)P11583R-B21HPE Ext MiniSAS HD-MiniSAS 4ln 3m CblNrfb11
SimpliVitySVT325Gen10ABaseR2Z06ARHPE SimpliVity 325 Gen10 NodeYes60
BMemory KitR2Z10ARHPE SimpliVity AMD 256GB 8 RDIMM KitYes110
R2Z11ARHPE SimpliVity AMD 512GB 16 RDIMM KitYes53
R2Z12ARHPE SimpliVity AMD 512GB 8 LRDIMM Kit00
R2Z13ARHPE SimpliVity AMD 1TB 8 LRDIMM Kit00
R2Z14ARHPE SimpliVity AMD 2TB 16 LRDIMM Kit00
COmniStackR2Z77ARHPE SimpliVity 325 4.6TB SWNrfb1010
R2Z78ARHPE SimpliVity 325 7.5TB SWNrfb1010
SVT380Gen10ABaseQ8D81ARHPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 NodeYes2717
R2G96ARHPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 G NodeYes294
R2Z00ARHPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 H NodeYes213
R4D36ARHPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 SFF H NodeYes103
R6A81ARHPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 SFF NC H Node100
R6A82ARHPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 NC G NodeYes290
BBoot DeviceS1J81ARHPE SimpliVity 300GB SAS SFF SC MV HDDYes680
S1J82ARHPE SimpliVity 480GB SATA RI SC MV SSDYes30
Memory KitQ8D82ARHPE SimpliVity 144G 12 DIMM FIO KitYes370
Q8D83ARHPE SimpliVity 192G 12 DIMM FIO KitYes310
Q8D84ARHPE SimpliVity 192G 6 DIMM FIO KitYes876
Q8D85ARHPE SimpliVity 240G 12 DIMM FIO KitYes372
Q8D86ARHPE SimpliVity 288G 12 DIMM FIO KitYes621
Q8D87ARHPE SimpliVity 384G 12 DIMM FIO KitYes4310
Q8D88ARHPE SimpliVity 384G 6 DIMM FIO KitYes290
Q8D89ARHPE SimpliVity 768G 12 DIMM FIO KitYes140
R1Q89ARHPE SimpliVity 144G 12 DIMM Kit370
R1Q90ARHPE SimpliVity 192G 12 DIMM Kit310
R1Q91ARHPE SimpliVity 192G 6 DIMM KitYes872
R1Q92ARHPE SimpliVity 240G 12 DIMM KitYes370
R1Q93ARHPE SimpliVity 288G 12 DIMM KitYes622
R1Q94ARHPE SimpliVity 384G 12 DIMM KitYes430
R1Q95ARHPE SimpliVity 384G 6 DIMM KitYes290
R1Q96ARHPE SimpliVity 768G 12 DIMM KitYes140
R2G99ARHPE SimpliVity 128G 8 RDIMM Kit470
R2H00ARHPE SimpliVity 256G 4 LRDIMM Kit430
R2H01ARHPE SimpliVity 256G 8 RDIMM KitYes650
R2H02ARHPE SimpliVity 512G 8 LRDIMM KitYes210
R2H03ARHPE SimpliVity 768G 6 LRDIMM Kit20
Memory Kit G2R4C17ARHPE SimpliVity 128G (8x16G) RDIMM KitYes52
R4C18ARHPE SimpliVity 144G(6x8/6x16) RDIMM KitYes00
R4C19ARHPE SimpliVity 192G (12x16G) RDIMM KitYes30
R4C20ARHPE SimpliVity 192G (6x32G) RDIMM KitYes2173
R4C21ARHPE SimpliVity 240G(6x32/6x8) RDIMM KitYes00
R4C22ARHPE SimpliVity 256G (4x64G) LRDIMM KitYes23810
R4C23ARHPE SimpliVity 256G (8x32G) RDIMM KitYes1634
R4C24ARHPE SimpliVity 512G (8x64G) LRDIMM KitYes11910
R4C25ARHPE SimpliVity 1.5T (12x128G) LRDIMM Kit80
R4C26ARHPE SimpliVity 288G(6x32/6x16) RDIMM KitYes742
R4C27ARHPE SimpliVity 384G (12x32G) RDIMM KitYes1080
R4C28ARHPE SimpliVity 384G (6x64G) RDIMM KitYes1580
R4C29ARHPE SimpliVity 768G (12x64G) RDIMM KitYes790
R4C30ARHPE SimpliVity 768G (6x128G) LRDIMM Kit170
Storage KitQ5V86ARHPE SimpliVity 380 6000 SM KitYes140
Q5V87ARHPE SimpliVity 380 6000 Med KitYes70
Q5V88ARHPE SimpliVity 380 6000 Lrg KitYes50
Q8D90ARHPE SimpliVity 380 4000 EX SM KitYes300
Q8D91ARHPE SimpliVity 380 4000 SM KitYes480
Q8D92ARHPE SimpliVity 380 4000 Med KitYes270
Q8D93ARHPE SimpliVity 380 4000 Lrg KitYes200
Q8D94ARHPE SimpliVity 380 6000 EX SM KitYes100
Q9J90ARHPE SimpliVity 380 4000 EX L KitYes40
Q9Y49ARHPE SimpliVity 6x1.92TB SFF SSD KitYes400
R2Z01ARHPE SimpliVity 8x4TB LFF HDD KitYes290
R2Z04ARHPE SimpliVity 4x1.92TB LFF SSD KitYes10
R2Z28ARHPE SimpliVity 4x1.92TB SFF SSD KitYes602
R4D37ARHPE SimpliVity 1.2TB SATA SFF 20pk HDDYes62
R4D38ARHPE SimpliVity 1.92T SATA MU SFF 4pk SSDYes124
R6A83ARHPE SimpliVity 1.92T SATA MU SFF 6pk SSDYes80
S1J83ARHPE SimpliVity 960GB SATA RI SC MV SSDYes210
S1J84ARHPE SimpliVity 1.92TB SATA RI SC MV SSDYes10
S1J85ARHPE SimpliVity 3.84TB SATA RI SC MV SSDYes90
S1J91ARHPE SimpliVity 960GB SATA MU SC MV SSDYes680
S1J92ARHPE SimpliVity 1.92TB SATA MU SC MV SSDYes460
Storage Kit - UpgR1F81ARHPE SimpliVity 380 Upg-Med 4000 KitYes610
R1F82ARHPE SimpliVity 380 Upg-Large 4000 KitYes810
R1F83ARHPE SimpliVity 380 Upg-Med 6000 KitYes170
R1F84ARHPE SimpliVity 380 Upg-Large 6000 KitYes230
COmniStackQ8A57ARHPE OmniStack 1P Extra Small SWNrfb77
Q8A58ARHPE OmniStack 2P Extra Small SWNrfb1010
Q8A59ARHPE OmniStack 1P Small SWNrfb77
Q8A60ARHPE OmniStack 2P Small SWNrfb1111
Q8A61ARHPE OmniStack 1P Medium SWNrfb1212
Q8A62ARHPE OmniStack 2P Medium SWNrfb2929
Q8A63ARHPE OmniStack 1P Large SWNrfb99
Q8A64ARHPE OmniStack 2P Large SWNrfb1515
Q9J86ARHPE OmniStack 1P XL SWNrfb1313
Q9J87ARHPE OmniStack 2P XL SWNrfb1010
OmniStack - GR3V05ARHPE SimpliVity 380 1P 10TB SWNrfb1010
R3V06ARHPE SimpliVity 380 2P 10TB SWNrfb1010
R4D13ARHPE SimpliVity 380 G 1P 7.5TB SWNrfb88
R4D14ARHPE SimpliVity 380 G 2P 7.5TB SWNrfb1010
R4D15ARHPE SimpliVity 380 G 1P 15TB SWNrfb1010
R4D16ARHPE SimpliVity 380 G 2P 15TB SWNrfb1010
R4D17ARHPE SimpliVity 380 G 1P 21TB SWNrfb1010
R4D18ARHPE SimpliVity 380 G 2P 21TB SWNrfb1010
R4D29ARHPE SimpliVity 380 G 1P 32TB SWNrfb1010
R4D30ARHPE SimpliVity 380 G 2P 32TB SWNrfb1010
OmniStack - HR2Z79ARHPE SimpliVity 380 H 1P 25TB SWNrfb33
R2Z80ARHPE SimpliVity 380 H 2P 25TB SWNrfb33
R4D19ARHPE SimpliVity 380 H 1P 20TB SWNrfb33
R4D20ARHPE SimpliVity 380 H 2P 20TB SWNrfb00
StoreEasyD2220sbABaseQW917ARHPE D2220sb Storage Blade BTOYes11
QW918ARHPE D2220sb Storage Blade CTOYes10
StoreEasy 1000ABase - 1460Q2R92ARHPE StoreEasy 1460 8TB SATA StorageYes00
Q2R93ARHPE StoreEasy 1460 16TB SATA StorageYes00
Base - 1560Q2R97ARHPE StoreEasy 1560 16TB SATA StorageYes22
Base - 1660Q2P71ARHPE StoreEasy 1660 Perf StorageYes101
Q2P72ARHPE StoreEasy 1660 StorageYes32
Q2P73ARHPE StoreEasy 1660 16TB SAS StorageYes30
Base - 1860Q2P79ARHPE StoreEasy 1860 14.4TB SAS StorageYes102
LFF HDD bundlesN9Y12ARHPE 32TB SAS LFF SC 4-pk HDD BndlYes180
Q2P80ARHPE 8TB SAS LFF SC 4-pk HDD BndlYes101
Q2P81ARHPE 16TB SAS LFF SC 4-pk HDD BndlYes596
Q2P85ARHPE 7.2TB SAS SFF SC 4-pk HDD BndlYes340
C(blank)Q2P88ARHPE StoreEasy 1X60 Xeon 4112 Perf KitYes100
Q2P89ARHPE StoreEasy 1X60 Xeon 3104 Perf KitYes131
Q2P91ARHPE StoreEasy 10GbE 2-port 530T AdptrYes457
Q2P92ARHPE StoreEasy 10GbE 2-port 530SFP+ AdptrYes152
Q2P93ARHPE StoreEasy 1660 4LFF Mid Drive Cage100
StoreEverAutoloaderA1/8 G2C0H18ARHPE 1/8 G2 LTO-6 Ult 6250 SAS AutoloaderYes11
CRack KitsAH166ARHPE 1U Autoloader Rack KitNrfb00
Ext Tape DriveAUltrium 15000BB874ARHPE LTO-7 Ultrium 15000 Ext Tape DriveYes00
Ultrium 3000EH958BRHPE LTO5 Ultrium 3000 SAS Ext Tape DriveYes11
Ultrium 30750BC023ARHPE LTO-8 Ultrium 30750 Ext Tape Drive11
Ultrium 6250EH970ARHPE LTO-6 Ultrium 6250 Ext Tape DriveYes00
MSLx0xxAMSL2024AK379ARHPE MSL2024 0-Drive Tape LibraryYes44
MSL3040Q6Q62BRHPE MSL3040 Scalable Base ModuleYes99
Q6Q63ARHPE MSL3040 Scalable Expansion ModuleYes00
MSL4048AK381ARHPE MSL4048 0-Drive Tape LibraryYes55
MSL6480QU625ARHPE MSL6480 Scalable Base ModuleYes00
QU626ARHPE MSL6480 Scalable Expansion ModuleYes00
BTape DriveC0H27ARHPE MSL LTO-6 Ultr 6250 SAS Drive KitYes1111
C0H28ARHPE MSL LTO-6 Ultr 6250 FC Drive KitYes44
N7P36ARHPE MSL LTO-7 FC Drive Upgrade KitYes2020
N7P37ARHPE MSL LTO-7 SAS Drive Upgrade KitYes33
Q6Q67ARHPE MSL LTO-8 FC Drive Upgrade KitYes00
Q6Q68ARHPE MSL LTO-8 SAS Drive Upgrade KitYes11
CPower SupplyAH220ARHPE MSL Redundant Power Supply KitYes88
(blank)AG120ARHPE MSL Ultrium Right Magazine KitNrfb00
AG330ARHPE MSL Ultrium Left Magazine KitNrfb00
AM495ARHPE 1/8 G2 Autoloader/MSL Encryption KitNrfb00
Q6Q64ARHPE MSL3040 Upgrade Power Supply Kit00
Rack-mount KitAGeneric 1u KitBC029ARHPE 1U Generic Rack Mount KitNrfb00
SAS HH DriveBB873ARHPE LTO-7 Ultrium 15000 Int Tape DriveYes10
EH957BRHPE LTO5 Ultrium 3000 SAS Int Tape DriveYes11
EH969ARHPE LTO-6 Ultrium 6250 Int Tape DriveYes11
CCable Kits876804R-B21HPE 1U RM 4m Mini SAS LTO Cable KitNrfb00
876805R-B21HPE 1U RM 4m SAS HD LTO Cable KitNrfb00
AE465ARHPE SAS MIN-MIN 1X-4M Cable Assy KitNrfb00
AE470ARHPE SAS Min-Min 1x-2M Cable Assy KitNrfb00
AN975ARHPE 2m Ext Mini-SAS to 4x Mini-SAS CableNrfb00
AN976ARHPE 4m Ext Mini-SAS to 4x Mini-SAS CableNrfb00
K2R09ARHPE 1 Mini SAS HD - 4 Mini SAS FO 2M CblNrfb00
P35174R-B21HPE 12Gb MiniSAS HD/LTO Drv 4m CblNrfb00
StoreFabricBrocade/16GbASN3000BQW937ARHPE SN3000B 24/12 FC SwitchYes11
QW937BRHPE SN3000B 24/12 FC SwitchYes00
QW938ARHPE SN3000B 24/24 FC SwitchYes11
QW938BRHPE SN3000B 24/24 FC SwitchYes11
SN3000B PSQW939ARHPE SN3000B Optional Power SupplyYes66
SN6000BQK753BRHPE SN6000B 16Gb 48/24 FC SwitchYes00
QK754BRHPE SN6000B 16Gb 48/24 Pwr Pk+ FC SwitchYes00
QR480BRHPE SN6000B 16Gb 48/48 FC SwitchYes11
C16Gb SFPsH6Z29ARHPE B-series 16Gb LW 25k FC SFP 1Pk XCVRYes22
H6Z42ARHPE 16Gb FC/10GbE 100m SFP+ XCVRYes8080
K2Q87ARHPE B-series 4x16 SW QSFP TransceiverYes22
QK724ARHPE B-series 16Gb SFP+SW XCVRYes265249
QK725ARHPE B-series 16Gb SFP+LW 10km XCVRYes5050
QK726ARHPE B-series 10Gb SFP+SR XCVRYes44
Brocade/32GbASN3600BQ1H70BRHPE SN3600B 32Gb 24/8 FC SwitchYes-4-4
Q1H71ARHPE SN3600B 32Gb 24/24 FC SwitchYes-42
Q1H71BRHPE SN3600B 32Gb 24/24 FC SwitchYes-4-4
Q1H72ARHPE SN3600B 32Gb 24/24 Pwr Pk+ FC SwitchYes-40
Q1H72BRHPE SN3600B 32Gb 24/24 Pwr Pk+ FC SwitchYes-40
R4G55ARHPE SN3600B 16Gb 24/8 8p SW SFP+ FC SwchYes-40
R4G55BRHPE SN3600B 24/8 8p 16Gb SW SFP+ FC Swch-41
R7R97ARHPE SN3600B 24/8 8p 32Gb SW SFP FC Swch-41
SN6600BQ0U54BRHPE SN6600B 32Gb 48/24 FC Switch00
Q0U56BRHPE SN6600B 32Gb 48/48 FC SwitchYes01
Q0U57BRHPE SN6600B 32Gb 48/48 Pwr Pk+ FC Switch00
Q0U58BRHPE SN6600B 32Gb 48/24 24p SFP+FC SwitchYes-1-1
C32Gb SFPsP9H30ARHPE 32Gb SW Com Temp XCVRYes10444
P9H32ARHPE B-series 32Gb SFP+ SW 1-pack XCVRYes219219
POD KitsR7M10ARHPE SN3600B 16Gb 8p SW FC Upg Lic Kit00
(blank)N9Y63ARHPE B-series 4G USB DriveNrfb00
Brocade/8GbA.AM867CRHPE 8/8 Base 8-port Enabled SAN SwitchYes22
AM868CRHPE 8/24 Base 16-port Enabled SwitchYes44
M-SeriesASN2010MQ9E63ARHPE SN2010M 18SFP28 4QSFP28 P2C SwchYes1515
SN2100MQ2F23ARHPE SN2100M 100GbE 16QSFP28 P2C SwchYes22
Q2F24ARHPE SN2100M 100GbE 8QSFP28 P2C SwchYes44
SN2410MQ6M28ARHPE SN2410bM 48SFP+ 8QSFP28 P2C Swch30
BDAC CablesR8M59ARHPE 100Gb QSFP28/QSFP28 0.5m DACYes22
XCVRsQ6M30ARHPE 10GbE SFP+ SR MM 300m XCVRYes121121
Q7F11ARHPE 40GbE QSFP28 SR4 100m XCVRYes40
R0R41ARHPE 10GBASE-T SFP+ RJ45 30m XCVRYes9090
R0R41BRHPE 10GBASE-T SFP+ RJ45 30m 1pk XCVRYes280
R0R42ARHPE 25Gb SFP28 SR 30m XCVRYes140
C(blank)Q2F25ARHPE SN2100M Rack Installation KitNrfb00
StoreOnceStoreOnce 3000ABase - 3620BB954ARHPE StoreOnce 3620 24TB SystemYes31
BB960ARHPE StoreOnce 3620 24TB Cap Upg KitYes392
Base - 3640BB955ARHPE StoreOnce 3640 48TB SystemYes32
BB962ARHPE StoreOnce 3640 48TB Cap Upg KitYes00
Base - 3660R6U02ARHPE StoreOnce 3660 80TB Base SystemYes33
StoreOnce 5000ABase - 5100BB916ARHPE StoreOnce 5100 48TB Capacity Upg KitYes00
BC026ARHPE StoreOnce 5100 Memory UpgradeYes00
Base - 52/5650BB956ARHPE StoreOnce 5200 Base SystemYes74
BB958ARHPE StoreOnce 5250 Base SystemYes73
BB959ARHPE StoreOnce 5650 Base SystemYes20
BB964ARHPE StoreOnce 5200 48TB Cap Upg KitYes00
BB966ARHPE StoreOnce 52/5650 60TB Drwr Upg KitYes00
BB968ARHPE StoreOnce 52/5650 120TB Drwr Upg KitYes00
BB974ARHPE StoreOnce 52/5650 44TB Cap Upg KitYes2423
BB976ARHPE StoreOnce 52/5650 88TB Cap Upg KitYes1414
Base - 5500BB933DRHPE StoreOnce 5500 60TB Drwr/Cap Upg Kit00
BB941DRHPE StoreOnce 5500 44TB Cap Upg KitYes240
StoreOnce 6000ABase - 6500BB899ARHPE StoreOnce 6500 88TB Capacity Upg KitYes00
Base - 6600BC028ARHPE StoreOnce 6600 Memory Upgrade30
StoreOnce Upg KitB(blank)BB904ARHPE StoreOnce 4900 60TB Drw/Cap Upg KitYes00
BB908ARHPE StoreOnce 4900 44TB Cap Upgrade KitYes00
BB926ARHPE StoreOnce 10GbE Network CardYes99
BB927ARHPE StoreOnce 10GbE-T Network CardYes2020
BB928ARHPE StoreOnce 8Gb Fibre Channel CardYes172
BB929ARHPE StoreOnce 16Gb Fibre Channel CardYes00
BB982ARHPE StoreOnce Gen4 10/25Gb SFP CardYes6514
BB984ARHPE StoreOnce Gen4 10GbE-T Network CardYes70
BB986ARHPE StoreOnce Gen4 16Gb FC Network CardYes414
BB990ARHPE StoreOnce Gen4 32Gb FC Network CardYes529
R7M22ARHPE StoreOnce 3660 96TB Upg KitYes44
R7M24ARHPE StoreOnce Gen4+ 10/25Gb 2p SFP AdptrYes00
R7M25ARHPE StoreOnce Gen4+ 10GBASE-T 2p AdptrYes00
StoreVirtualStoreVirtual 3200BDrivesN9X08ARHPE SV3000 1.8TB 12G SAS 10K SFF HDDYes10
C(blank)N9X02ARHPE SV3000 16Gb 2-pack FC SFP+ XCVRYes520
N9X03ARHPE SV3000 10Gb 2-pack iSCSI SFP XCVRYes2960
(blank)Cables/XCVRsC1GbE RJ45 CableC7533ARHPE Ethernet 4ft CAT5e RJ45 M/M CableNrfb148
C7535ARHPE Ethernet 7ft CAT5e RJ45 M/M CableNrfb660
C7536ARHPE Ethernet 14ft CAT5e RJ45 M/M CableNrfb76
C7537ARHPE Ethernet 25ft CAT5e RJ45 M/M CableNrfb180
C7539ARHPE Eth 2.1m CAT5e RJ45 M/M C/O CableNrfb00
C7542ARHPE Ethernet 50ft CAT5e RJ45 M/M CableNrfb22
AOC CableQ9S66ARHPE 40GbE QSFP+ to 4x10GbE SFP+ 5m AOCYes44
Q9S67ARHPE 25GbE SFP28 to SFP28 3m Smart AOCYes60
Copper CablesAP818ARHPE 1m B-series Active Copper SFP+ CableNrfb00
AP819ARHPE 3m B-series Active Copper SFP+ CableNrfb00
DAC Cables487652R-B21HPE BLc 10G SFP+ SFP+ 1m DAC CableNrfb00
487655R-B21HPE BLc 10G SFP+ SFP+ 3m DAC CableNrfb44
537963R-B21HPE BLc 10G SFP+ SFP+ 5m DAC CableNrfb22
FC LC/LC - OM3AJ833ARHPE .5m Multi-mode OM3 LC/LC FC CableNrfb00
AJ834ARHPE 1m Multi-mode OM3 LC/LC FC CableNrfb00
AJ835ARHPE 2m Multi-mode OM3 LC/LC FC CableNrfb571
AJ836ARHPE 5m Multi-mode OM3 LC/LC FC CableNrfb2424
AJ837ARHPE 15m Multi-mode OM3 LC/LC FC CableNrfb90
AJ838ARHPE 30m Multi-mode OM3 LC/LC FC CableNrfb00
FC LC/LC - OM4QK732ARHPE Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2f 1m CblNrfb00
QK733ARHPE Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2f 2m CblNrfb1919
QK734ARHPE Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2f 5m CblNrfb1160
QK735ARHPE Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2f 15m CblNrfb109109
QK736ARHPE Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2f 30m CblNrfb1010
QK737ARHPE Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2f 50m CblNrfb30
FC MPO/4xLC - OM4K2Q46ARHPE MPO to 4 x LC 5m CableNrfb00
K2Q47ARHPE MPO to 4 x LC 15m CableNrfb10
Q1H68ARHPE Premier Flex MPO to 4xLC 30m CblNrfb00
FC MPO/MPO - OM4Q1H66ARHPE Premier Flex MPO/MPO OM4 12f 15m CblNrfb44
QK729ARHPE Premier Flex MPO/MPO OM4 8f 10m CblNrfb00
QK731ARHPE Premier Flex MPO/MPO OM4 12f 50m CblNrfb00
Power CordA0K02ARHPE 2.0m 10A C13-C14 Blk Jpr CordNrfb1220
A0K03ARHPE 0.7m 10A C13-C14 Gray Jpr CordNrfb760
A0K04ARHPE 1.37m 10A C13-C14 Gray Jpr CordNrfb44
A0N33ARHPE 3.6m 15A 250V C13-NEMA6-15P CordNrfb00
A5S98ARHPE 2.5M 48V DC Power Cable KitNrfb66
AF556ARHPE 1.83m 10A C13-UL Dom Pwr CordNrfb44
AF557ARHPE 1.83m 10A C13-CHINA Pwr CordNrfb15614
AF559ARHPE Pwr Crd 1.83m 10A C13 Th-Ph KitNrfb230
AF560ARHPE 1.83m 10A C13-Korea Pwr CrdNrfb60
AF561ARHPE 1.83m 10A C13-Taiwan Pwr CrdNrfb76
AF562ARHPE 2.0m 10A C13-INDIA Pwr CordNrfb00
AF568ARHPE 1.83m 10A C13 EU Pwr CordNrfb330
AF569ARHPE 2.5m C13 AU/NZ Power CordNrfb286
AF570ARHPE 1.83m 10A C13 UK Pwr CordNrfb1090
AF572ARHPE 2m C13 JPN Power CordNrfb120
AF573ARHPE Rdnt 2m 10A C13-C14 Jpr CordNrfb10
AF574ARHPE Rdnt 2m 16A C19-C20 Jpr CordNrfb2420
AF575ARHPE Rdnt 1.2m 16A C19-C20 Jpr CordNrfb00
AF576ARHPE 3.6m 16A C19 EU Pwr CordNrfb88
AF581ARHPE 3.6m 16A C19 IEC309 Pwr CordNrfb77
AF584ARHPE 2.5m 16A C19 CN Pwr CordNrfb44
AF590ARHPE 2m 15A C20 C13 Univ Jpr CordNrfb00
AF593ARHPE 3.6m C19 Nema L6-20P NA/JP Pwr CrdNrfb22
AF594ARHPE 0.9M Blue CAT6 STP Cable DataNrfb00
AF595ARHPE 3.0M Blue CAT6 STP Cable DataNrfb44
AF596ARHPE 10.0M Blue CAT6 STP Cable DataNrfb00
J6X43ARHPE 12AWG PWR-48V DC 3.0m CrdNrfb2929
Q0H80ARHPE 48VDC 2.85M Power CableNrfb11
Q0P69ARHPE C13/C14 WW 10A 2m Blk Lckng PCNrfb00
Q0P70ARHPE C13/C14 WW 10A 3m Blk Lckng PCNrfb00
Q0P73ARHPE C19/C20 WW 16A 2.5m Blk Lckng PCNrfb180
Q0Q04ARHPE C13/C14 WW 10A 2m Blk 6pc Lckng PCNrfb00
Q0R18ARHPE C19/C20 WW 16A 2.5m 6pc Blk Lckng PCNrfb33
R1C65ARHPE C13-C14 IN 250V 2m Blk Jumper CordNrfb410
TK738ARHPE 2.0m 250V C19-C20 Sgl IPD Jpr CordNrfb8080
SAS Cables407337R-B21HPE Ext Mini SAS 1m CableNrfb90
407339R-B21HPE Ext Mini SAS 2m CableNrfb00
419569R-B21HPE SAS to Mini .5m CableNrfb00
691968R-B21HPE Ext 0.5m MiniSAS HD-MiniSAS HD CblNrfb60
691971R-B21HPE Ext 0.5m MiniSAS HD to MiniSAS CblNrfb00
716189R-B21HPE Ext 1.0m MiniSAS HD to MiniSAS CblNrfb00
716191R-B21HPE Ext 2.0m MiniSAS HD to MiniSAS CblNrfb50
716195R-B21HPE Ext 1.0m MiniSAS HD-MiniSAS HD CblNrfb12396
716197R-B21HPE Ext 2.0m MiniSAS HD-MiniSAS HD CblNrfb50
716199R-B21HPE Ext 4.0m MiniSAS HD-MiniSAS HD CblNrfb00
XCVRs453151R-B21HPE BLc VC 1G SFP SX TransceiverYes1010
453154R-B21HPE BLC VC 1G SFP RJ45 TransceiverYes3535
455883R-B21HPE BLc 10G SFP+ SR TransceiverYes592546
455886R-B21HPE BLc 10G SFP+ LR TransceiverYes1410
813874R-B21HPE 10GBase-T SFP+ TransceiverYes7474
845398R-B21HPE 25Gb SFP28 SR 100m TransceiverYes128128
AJ716BRHPE 8Gb Short Wave B-Series SFP+ 1 PackYes122116
AJ717ARHPE 8Gb LW B-series 10km FC SFP+ 1 PackYes00
AJ718ARHPE 8Gb Short Wave FC SFP+ 1 PackYes25452
AP823ARHPE 10GbE SR B-series SFP+ TransceiverYes00
AW537ARHPE B-series 1GbE Copper SFP 1 PackYes33
AW538ARHPE B-series 8Gb LW 25km FC SFP 1 Pack00
AW584ARHPE 8Gb LW 10km FC SFP+ 1 Pk TransceiverYes22
E7Y10ARHPE 16Gb SFP+ SW 1-pack C Temp XCVRYes10428
Q2P62ARHPE 32Gb SFP28 SW E Temp 1-pack PT XCVR290
Q2P63ARHPE 16Gb SFP+ SW E Temp 1-pack PT XCVR290
Q2P64BRHPE 25Gb SFP28 SW E Temp 1-pack PT XCVR240
Q2P65ARHPE 10Gb SFP+ SW E Temp 1-pack PT XCVR2060
R6B10ARHPE B-series 16G SFP+ SW 1pk Secure XCVR240
R6B12ARHPE B-series 32G SFP28 SW 1pk Sec XCVRYes60