Why should I buy HPE Renew products?

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Hpe Renew Spare Parts 2023

HPE Renew, established in 1981, is a global initiative known for its 40-year history of delivering customer satisfaction, reliability, and credibility.

The program sources its products from diverse channels, including the HPE demo pool, factory loaner equipment, factory excess, customer returns, and trade-ins, ensuring a wide range of high-quality offerings.

Who can buy HPE Renew products?

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs):

SMBs often have limited budgets for IT investments. HPE Renew provides them with the opportunity to acquire high-quality, cost-effective HPE equipment that meets their specific needs.

Large Enterprises:

Large organizations with extensive IT infrastructure can utilize HPE Renew to expand or replace components within their existing setup cost-effectively.

Public Sector and Government Agencies:

Government agencies often have strict budget constraints. HPE Renew can help them acquire reliable IT equipment without exceeding their budget.

Educational Institutions:

Schools, colleges, and universities can leverage HPE Renew to enhance their IT capabilities within their budget constraints, supporting academic and administrative functions.


Nonprofit organizations can benefit from the cost savings provided by HPE Renew to allocate more resources to their charitable initiatives.


Startups often need to be frugal with their resources. HPE Renew can be a cost-efficient way to establish a robust IT infrastructure as they grow.

Data Centers:

Data centers can use HPE Renew to upgrade or expand their hardware, ensuring high performance while managing costs.

IT Service Providers:

Companies offering IT services can benefit from HPE Renew by providing cost-effective solutions to their clients while maintaining quality and reliability.

Businesses with Legacy Infrastructure:

Companies with existing legacy IT infrastructure can use HPE Renew to find compatible components that extend the life of their equipment or support migration to more modern systems.

Companies with Sustainability Goals:

Organizations committed to environmental sustainability can align with their goals by choosing refurbished equipment, reducing electronic waste and minimizing their carbon footprint.

Remote or Branch Offices:

Remote or branch offices of larger corporations can leverage HPE Renew to set up or maintain their IT infrastructure at a lower cost than purchasing new equipment.

Temporary Projects:

Businesses engaged in temporary projects or events can benefit from HPE Renew by acquiring equipment for the duration of the project without a long-term financial commitment.

More Reasons To Buy HPE Renew products

Cost Savings: HPE Renew products are often more budget-friendly than new HPE equipment, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to maximize their IT budget.

Quality Assurance: HPE Renew products go through a rigorous refurbishment and recertification process to ensure they meet HPE’s high-quality standards. This includes thorough testing and inspection.

Warranty and Support: HPE Renew products typically come with warranties and support options, providing peace of mind for customers. They can have confidence in the reliability and performance of their equipment.

Eco-Friendly: By opting for refurbished equipment, companies contribute to a more sustainable approach to IT. This reduces electronic waste and the environmental footprint of IT operations.

Compatibility: HPE Renew products are often compatible with existing HPE infrastructure, making integration into an existing environment straightforward.

Availability: A wide range of HPE Renew products is available, including servers, storage, networking equipment, and more. This allows businesses to find the right solution for their needs.

Scalability: HPE Renew products enable businesses to scale their IT infrastructure as needed without incurring the high costs associated with new equipment.

Certified HPE Quality: HPE Renew products are backed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, a trusted name in the IT industry. This certification ensures that the refurbished equipment meets the high standards set by HPE.

Technical Expertise: HPE Renew partners often have extensive technical expertise and can provide guidance on the best solutions for your business’s unique requirements.

Customization: Businesses can often customize HPE Renew solutions to meet their specific needs, whether that’s increased storage capacity, enhanced processing power, or specific networking requirements.

Financial Flexibility: The cost structure of refurbished equipment can provide financial flexibility, as it allows businesses to allocate their resources to other critical areas while still maintaining a high-performing IT infrastructure.

Proven Track Record: Many businesses have successfully integrated HPE Renew products into their IT environments, benefiting from both cost savings and quality performance.

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Quality & Warranty of Refurbished Server Spare Parts


HPE Incoming Product Inspection

1 Products must pass a cosmetic inspection based on strict HPE Factory Standards.
If the parts do not meet the following requirements they are replaced with original HPE new parts:

  • On visible front-facing surfaces (Class 1), light scratches must measure less than 6 cm, deep scratches must measure less than 2 mm
  • Any areas of blemishes, abrasions or water spots must measure less than 1.5 cm
  • Any dents on panels
  • Any rusts spots

2 System Power up and configuration checks performed

3 Validation of parts against Bill of Materials

4 Components inspections, such as memory and hard disks must bear manufacturer’s seals of authenticity. Otherwise they are rejected and scrapped for recycling.

5 All cables and accessories are scrapped for recycling and replaced by new ones

6 Perform Engineering Change Notification checks to latest new product factory specifications

HPE Reconditioning

7 Perform disassembly down to sub-assembly level; parts such as fans, power supplies, major cages and I/O panels are cleaned

8 Intensive cleaning of all sub-assembly parts and racks

9 Removal of labels and regeneration of new product labels

10 Minor touch up of external surfaces may occur if needed


HPE Assembly & Software Installations

11 Product component assembly and system integration

12 Storage drives reformatted and retested to ensure data integrity. Every drive is wiped clean of any data and every disk is separately overwritten

13 Restore Factory Default settings and reset all password settings

14 Restore licensed version of Operating System Software and install latest Firmware updates


HPE Product Functional Test

Configuration and System Settings – Product Configuration Checks
– Hardware checks via system LED/LCD displays
– Unit Serial number Update
– System and I/O firmware verification and updates
Fans – Fan Status checks  
CMOS   – Random Data Pattern Tests
PCI Bus/Serial Port/USB Devices   – Detect and Read Tests
Temperature Status   – Temperature Caution Tests
Peripheral Interconnect Tests   – All Hot-plug Hard disk slots Interconnectivity tests
– DVD/CD-ROM boot and O/S installation checks
– LAN connectivity
Processor – CPU clock speed – Real-time clock test cycles
– Up to 24-h run-in tests
Memory – Memory Size and Slot Test – Random Address Tests
– Read/Write Test
– March/Noise/Walk/ECC Tests
– Up to 24-h run-in tests


16 SCSI Adaptors, Fibre Channel Host Bus adapters, SAN switches, LAN etc, are tested where options apply

17 Mandatory electrical safety Hipot/Ground bond tests

HPE Final Product Inspection And Deliverables

18 Archive Test logs and Product Manifest Outputs for Test status Verifications

19 Include newest versions of product documentations and/or CD kits

20 Optional provision of racking services for Storage and Server products, inclusive of Power Distribution Unit cabling works

21 Re-packaging in new HPE boxes or wood crates as per HPE Factory standard packaging procedures

22 The Warranty period is reset in the HPE Worldwide Service Database upon shipment date

23 Product is ready for delivery and installation

HPE Products – Supplemental Information to Warranty Statements for HPE Products


This document provides a summary of helpful information for typical HPE warranty terms and conditions. It is not intended to address all exceptions to the typical warranty terms and conditions. For information about the warranty for a specific product, review the warranty statement for the product, which can be found in the box with the product or online at HPE’s web site:

Click here to visit HPE’s website .


The information that follows is divided into key sections. The first section describes in general what a warranty is, and the second section provides links for information to the basic terms of HPE’s standard warranties.

Warranty Term

How to determine the length of a product warranty:
  • The length of a warranty term may differ between product models. Variables that impact warranty term include the country where the product is sold, as well as the type of product sold, such as server, storage.

  • Warranties begin and end on a specific date. The date when a warranty begins may be determined by a date that is stored in the product during manufacturing, by the date of installation, or by the date on the customer proof-of-purchase.

  • To determine the warranty expiration date for a product, contact HPE technical support or click here to visit the HPE warranty lookup website .

  • If an end user transfers ownership of an HPE product to another end user or company, the remainder of the warranty period may also transfer to the new owner.

Worldwide Support

HPE provides warranty services in many countries. Moving an HPE product to another country may change the warranty.
  • Support for HPE products is available around the world.

  • HPE products that are purchased in one country may be moved to another country. Customers are not required to notify HPE of a product move to another country, except Alpha products. Due to the unique nature of the Alpha product, HPE must be notified if an Alpha product is moved to a new country.

  • Warranty terms and conditions vary from country to country. When a product is moved into a new country, the product takes on the standard warranty terms and conditions of the new country. Consequently, there may be a change in response times or service delivery types.

  • User can contact HPE support using chat, call, and logging a case via HPE support center.

    Click here to access the HPE support center website

Types of Service Delivery

The following information pertains to the types of support that are available. There are several different types of warranty service delivery. For each product line, HPE selects the most appropriate type of service delivery. Standard forms of warranty service delivery include:
  • Self-repair

  • Parts-only

  • Unit replacement

  • Pick-up

  • Mail-in

  • Carry-in

  • Onsite

The following list provides more detail about each of the service delivery types:
  • Self-repair service provides the customer with remote diagnosis and remote remedy. HPE ships any parts to the customer that are necessary to repair a defect. The customer is responsible for installing the necessary parts and for returning any unused parts and the defective parts to HPE. All costs for parts and shipping are paid by HPE.

  • Parts-only service provides replacement parts at no charge. With parts-only service, customers can choose to install the replacement parts and return the defective parts to HPE, or they can choose to have HPE perform the installation and parts return for a fee. The cost of shipping the replacement parts to the customer is paid by HPE. The shipping cost to return the defective parts is paid by the customer.

  • Unit replacement includes remote diagnosis and, if a covered product has a defective part, covers the cost of shipping an entire replacement product to the customer. The customer must return the product with the defective part to HPE within a specific number of days.

  • Pick-up service includes remote diagnosis, pick up of the product for repair, and return of the product to the customer. The cost of shipping to and from the repair center is paid by HPE.

  • Mail-in service requires that the product be mailed to an authorized service center for diagnosis and repair. The cost of shipping the product to the repair center is paid by the customer.

  • Carry-in service requires that the product be brought to an authorized service center for diagnosis and repair.

  • Onsite service may be provided after a diagnosis is made remotely. Onsite service covers the costs associated with sending a technician to the location of the HPE product, replacing the defective part, and verifying that the new part is working appropriately.

Extended Support

A standard warranty begins and ends on specific dates. Customers may want to upgrade or extend the length of standard service that comes with HPE hardware.
  • Customers may choose to upgrade the delivery method for warranty service by purchasing an Packaged support. Look for more information about Packaged support services at:

  • Support for HPE products is available beyond the expiration of the warranty. Services not included in the standard warranty, such as installation, configuration, optimization, and needs assessment, are also available. Service that extends beyond the standard warranty period or services not included in the standard warranty may be available through the purchase of an Packaged support.

Warranties for Parts and Options

Generally, HPE provides a standard warranty on an entire product. Some components or HPE options have a special warranty, instead of the standard warranty provided with the product.
  • Parts generally carry the warranty of the whole product. However, parts that may be used in many product models or newer generations of products may carry a warranty that is specific to a particular part. Examples of parts that may carry their own warranty include memory modules and drives.

  • Parts that are consumable, expendable, or parts that have a lifespan that is typically shorter than the product life, may also carry a warranty that is specific to the part. Examples of these parts include tape cartridges.

  • After a product warranty expires, spare parts are available for purchase. HPE strives to have parts available for products for as many as five years after HPE discontinues the sale of the product. Spare parts have a 90-day warranty. To order parts, visit the HPE website or contact an authorized repair center. Click here to look for an authorized repair center by using the Service Locator tool .

  • Many products have optional parts, upgrades, or peripheral devices. Some of these parts, upgrades, or peripherals carry their own warranties, which are separate from the warranty for the product to which they are attached. Examples of parts, upgrades, and peripherals that may carry their own warranties include memory modules, drives, storage components.

Warranty Conditions

Warranty service has limitations. Some of those limitations include the following:
  • Warranty terms and conditions provide repair or replacement (at the discretion of HPE) for defects in the manufacturer’s material or workmanship. The warranty does not protect against accidental damage, loss, acts of nature, or any other event that did not originate during the manufacture of the product.

  • When HPE repairs a product, the repair may be completed with new or previously used products, with parts equivalent to new in performance and reliability, or with equivalent products to an original product that has been discontinued.

  • HPE is not responsible for the loss of data. It is prudent to have a backup plan for data.

  • Software support is available for applications that HPE sells with a product or for applications that are pre-installed on an HPE product, including operating systems. The length of time that support is available, and whether or not there is a fee for that support varies by product line. For information about software support for a specific HPE product, review the warranty statement for the product.

  • It is possible to void the warranty on an HPE product. Any failure caused by an unsupported or third-party component will not be covered by warranty. Opening a sealed component or sealed product will void the warranty. Examples of sealed components or sealed products include drives. Opening the case will not void the warranty on products that are designed to be opened and upgraded.

Product Care and Problem Resolution

The customer can influence the quality and longevity of HPE hardware.
  • To maintain peak performance, a product needs regular attention to variables such as air flow, dust control, driver updates, and BIOS/ROM updates.

  • If a product fails, HPE will remotely identify the cause of the failure and propose a solution. If the failure is caused by a manufacturer’s defect and the product is under warranty, HPE will remotely diagnose and repair or replace (at the discretion of HPE) the product at no charge. If the product is outside the warranty term, there may be a fee for diagnosis and remedy.

  • It is necessary for the customer to assist HPE in assessing a failed product. HPE may require the customer to open the product case, remove hardware, manipulate software, or perform other diagnostic activities. Failure to assist in and allow remote diagnosis will result in a service fee for onsite diagnostic services.


HPE Warranty Services – Warranty Terms

All warranties are tagged to a unit via the Electronic BOM (Bill Of Materials) at production. The customer and/or call centers and/or ASP’s can pull this warranty by going to the warranty look up tools. In this area you put in the SKU and the Serial Number of the unit which are located on the Service Tag on the bottom of the unit. By putting this information into these sites the Warranty can be seen tied to that particular platform. Warranty enhancements may be purchased by the customer. Please review the warranty statement provided with the hardware for specific response time conditions and limitations.

Warranty Look up tool:

Click here to go to the Warranty Look up tool .

Click here to access Technical Support Phone Numbers .



(a)     In Australia, our goods come with guarantees which cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

(b)     In addition to any other rights you may have under the ACL we warrant to you that the product we supply to you will be free from defects for the time periods set out in the below table:

Specification Category


Retailed Sealed

Product is unused and factory sealed in original manufacturer’s retail packaging.

Product comes with Techbuyer three year warranty as standard – or manufacturer’s warranty; whichever is greater.

Open Retail

Product is unused and in original manufacturer’s retail packaging, but the packaging has been opened.

Product comes with Techbuyer three year warranty as standard – or manufacturer’s warranty; whichever is greater.


Product has been cleaned, tested and fully refurbished by Techbuyer. Some part numbers/ kits may be assembled using components from various different sources and may contain alternative/ substitute components. However, all products supplied will be exactly equivalent to the manufacturer’s technical specification.

Product comes with Techbuyer three year warranty.

New Brown Box

Product is unused without original manufacturer packaging and is packed in a brown box. Some part numbers/ kits may be assembled using components from various different sources and may contain alternative/ substitute components. However, all products supplied will be exactly equivalent to the manufacturer’s technical specification.

Product comes with Techbuyer three year warranty.


(c)      What is a defect? Our Warranty applies to any fault, error or defects in the products (Defect)

(d)     What do you need to do to claim the Warranty? If you believe you have a product the subject of a Defect you must cease using the product and contact us in writing along with a photo and description of the Defect. If we ask you to, you must return to us the defective products, together with all packaging, parts, accessories, documentation and proof of purchase to the contact details set out below.

(e)     Where you return a product as part of Defect claim we will cover the associated costs of you returning the product to us.

(f)      What will we do if you make a successful claim under our Warranty? We will, at our own cost:

  1. repair or replace the product (the decision of whether to repair or replace is at our sole discretion); or

  2. if we are unable to repair or replace the product, we will offer you a choice of a credit, refund or compensation as applicable to the Defect.

(g)     Damage Not covered by our Warranty Any Defect caused by:

  1. an act or omission, accident, or negligence by you or any third party not engaged by us;

  2. failure on your part to properly maintain your products in accordance with any of our instructions or guidelines (including any manual or details available on our Site);

  3. failure on your part to follow any instructions or guidelines (including any manual) provided by
    us or the manufacturer in relation to your products;

  4. use of your products otherwise than for any application or use specified by us or the manufacturer;
    (e) continued use of your products (where such use is not reasonable) after any Defect in your products becomes apparent or would have become apparent to a reasonably prudent person;

  5. incorporation or installation of other items into your products;

  6. failure by you to notify us of any Defect in your products within a reasonable period of time after you become aware of or ought to have reasonably become aware of the relevant Defect;

  7. reasonable wear and tear of your products;

  8. act of God or force majeure event; or

  9. installation, repair, replacement, maintenance, or otherwise compromise of the products by you or any person other than us or the manufacturer, is not covered by our Warranty.