Managed IT Services are an ideal option for many home based businesses because they provide managed it services such as monitoring, patch management, backup/restore, installation/deployment and more without requiring that the computer be physically brought into them or someone hired locally to do the job. Instead, managed IT providers use tools available over the Internet in order to provide managed it services which improve security and reliability of your network.

Managed it services automatically does a lot of the maintenance work required to keep your computer running at its best as well as monitoring any potential issues that could cause downtime. Also another benefit is faster resolution for things that go wrong with computers. We even offer managed security and managed wireless in addition to managed support so you do not have to worry about being without a full IT department should something happen with any part of your network or hardware/software at home.

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Benefits Of Managed IT Services for Home Businesses

#1: Lower costs

With managed IT services, you don’t have to maintain an in-house support staff. This can save a lot of money because managed service providers are experts which means they do not need to spend time learning basic tasks that you probably already know how to do (and would rather be doing something else). 

#2: Better performance

Fewer technology-related problems mean better overall performance. With managed services techs on call to troubleshoot any issues, your home business will be working at its best all the time — even during those late night openings and early morning closings.     

#3: Reliability with backups

Your managed services provider has your back when it comes to critical data storage and retrieval. The managed IT services provider has already determined the best method for storing your data and, more importantly, backing it up to ensure that you don’t lose any information should a computer crash or other disaster occur.

#4: Improved security

At home, you’re probably using the same antivirus and antispyware programs as many of your friends and neighbors. Your managed services solution is customized to include additional technology solutions designed to protect your network from malware attacks while also safeguarding any proprietary information stored on computers and file servers in your own office suite or home office.

#5: Faster problem resolution

With managed services techs always on call, problems can be resolved quickly so that productivity doesn’t suffer — even when you have to take an unexpected call to the home office from a customer.

#6: Accessibility

With managed IT services, you can be anywhere in the world and have access to your computer equipment back at home. From practically any location with a high-speed internet connection, managed services techs will remotely connect to your office systems to make any changes or provide technical support as needed. No more sitting on hold only to wait for someone not in the same time zone as yours!

#7: Help desk service 24 hours a day

Most managed services solutions come with around-the-clock help desks staffed by experienced professionals who are waiting for calls about hardware/software problems that arise or questions about how best to utilize technology already in place. 

#8: Highly trained managed services technicians

These managed services professionals are experts in their field because they’re constantly updating their knowledge bases while also being monitored for quality assurance. It’s a lot like the process used by specialists known as “academy cadets” to train pilots, except managed services techs are trained before being placed on your managed IT team. 

#9: Performance Monitoring software

A managed service provider will likely offer this valuable piece of software with managed IT services packages so that you can keep track of how efficiently your home office systems and employees are performing at any given moment — even when you’re not there!

#10: Managed services solutions tailored specifically to your unique needs

With managed services, technology is only one part of the equation. Your managed service provider will also work with you to determine precisely what managed IT services are necessary for your unique home office and home business needs.

#11: Resale Value Increased

Small businesses often invest in new computers, phones, and tablets, but may not realize that these items have resale value. One way to ensure that the technology maintains its value is to invest in managed IT services. This can help to extend the life of the technology and ensure that it is running at its best. When it comes time to resell the items, they will have a higher resale value. By outsourcing managed IT services, small businesses can protect their technology investments and get better returns when it’s time to resell.

Book a Managed IT Services Consultation

The pandemic taught us that communication & connectivity matter more than ever.
Book a consultation, in person or virtually, with one of our IT experts to get started!