Technology Business Reviews

Is your business ready to transform itself to the next level of success?

An Annual Technology Business Review can help you identify weak areas of your business and provide recommendations on how to improve them. The professionals at Bridge IT are experienced in reviewing technology best practices to ensure that you’re optimized for high performance.

Today’s businesses have unique problems. Whether it is seeking funding or more clients, companies need to keep up with advancements in their field just to stay competitive. However, these advancements are expensive. Consulting with a managed service provider can give businesses invaluable advice on the types of equipment and services required by their industry and market demands.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What exactly is a technology review?

A: A technology review is a process used by Annual Technology Business Reviews to put the best practices of technology companies under a microscope. Strengths and weaknesses of their current structure, information systems, human capital management, client/customer service, internal control environment and resource allocation are all reviewed. The objective is to deliver recommendations for improvement that increase efficiency and reduce costs so you can become more competitive within your industry.

Q: How does this service benefit my company?

A: An Annual Technology Business Review will help your company stay on top of its game in today’s fast-paced economic climate. With new ideas on how to improve your business every year, you’ll never have to fear becoming obsolete or losing out to your competitors.

Q: What is included in an Annual Technology Business Review (ATBR)?

A: ATBRs come with thorough executive summaries that can be used as a benchmark for future planning and performance measurement. A business review consists of three phases: Phase I – Current Situation, Phase II – Recommendations, and Phase III – Implementation. The technology team at Annual Technology Business Reviews will assist you with all three phases so you can reap the highest possible benefit from this service.

Q: How do I know if my company needs an Annual Technology Business Review?

A: Some signs that may indicate your company could use some advice are missed opportunities because of lack of capital or staff, stagnating growth where there was once rapid expansion, or difficulties in finding and retaining qualified employees. Are you doing something repetitive? We are automation specialists!

Q: How long does an Annual Technology Business Review take?

A: We offer both short term (5 hours to 5 days) and extensive 1 to 2 month reviews for complex SMB’s.