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Our Managed IT Service is a comprehensive service that includes everything you need to keep your network running smoothly, devices secure and business data safe. We provide essential security patches and windows updates, as well as constant proactive monitoring of computer systems to significantly reduce emergency scenarios. We make sure your computer is secure from threats, bother external and internal, and fix most issues before they snowball into serious problems. Think of RMM as taking a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach. The goal is to save time, save money, reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Every link, email, download & network connection is an opportunity for hackers to compromise your devices. With this in mind, our Managed IT Services bundle includes award-winning antivirus software with complete protection from viruses & identity theft, without slowing you down.

What are managed IT services?

Managed IT services are a type of outsourcing that supports businesses with their technology. They are managed by firms who do not have the time, or the staff to provide these services themselves. For example, an IT company may not be able to spare staff for every aspect of maintenance required for their clients’ computers and networks. Therefore they turn to outsourcers to provide solutions. Managed IT services includes things like network management, server maintenance, data backups to prevent data loss, disaster recovery, configurations and much more. Outsourced IT is a growing industry with many large firms offering these sort of services.

When you look at managed services you want to make sure that the service provider takes care of all your needs. These can be network management, server maintenance and configuration, data backups, disaster recovery
or any other services that you may require. It’s important to find a provider who is willing to go the extra mile for you when you need them the most. You also want a company who will take time to get to know their clients so they understand what technology solutions are required in order to run an efficient business – not just provide whatever IT solution they see as being profitable. Outsourced IT gives businesses the opportunity to free up more time so they’re able to focus on other aspects of running a successful company. In addition it means that technology related problems don’t become an obstacle between employees and their work productivity.

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Managed IT services offers a constant relationship between you & Bridge IT as we handle your IT on the go for a monthly service fee.

  • Avoid the high cost of hiring and maintaining an in-house IT team
  • Reduce the overall cost of ownership for your organization’s IT
  • Improve the performance of your organization’s IT infrastructure
  • Improve the security of your organization’s IT infrastructure
  • Comply with industry regulations
  • Protect your organization’s data
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Get peace of mind knowing your IT is being proactively managed by experts
  • Focus on your core business while we manage your IT services

How do I know If I need a managed service provider?

  • Has a large number of computers which need regular maintenance
  • Uses software that requires updates on a regular basis
  • Hosts databases or other applications which need to run dependably 24/7
  • The benefits to choosing an outsourced IT company include:
  • Upfront costs over the long term can be cheaper than doing it yourself. When purchasing new hardware for example, this is an obvious advantage.
  • Outsourced IT services can identify and resolve issues before they affect productivity or cause damage to data.
  • These firms have the expertise to monitor enterprise networks, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on training for your staff.
  • Your business will be provided with a higher level of service from an outsourced provider as they will have more experience and time dedicated to looking after your network.

Are managed services cost-effective?

Managed IT services can be one of the best investments you make for your business. It is favourable to use an experienced provider as they will look at your service requirements in more detail and should understand what’s important to you and your company in order to provide a better level of service.

For example, a managed service provider can monitor the performance of your system with much more accuracy than if done in-house by an employee; this means that problems such as lack of memory or hard disk space on servers or even spam email issues can be resolved before things go awry.

Skilled managed IT providers act proactively by maintaining backups and ensuring that all software updates are implemented – these tasks may not seem very pressing but they essential in keeping your systems running smoothly.

Emergency support is also a key benefit to having a managed IT service in place; any business will tell you that in an emergency, every minute counts when trying to resolve an IT issue and gain access back to your system as quickly as possible. This is where a managed service provider comes into its own by resolving issues remotely so you can be up and running again much sooner than if it was handled internally.

Why do we need a managed services provider?

In today’s technology driven world, we almost can’t do without computers. We use them for shopping, banking, making reservations and paying our bills online. Computers are also used in the office to store important information such as sales figures and client details. All of this information is at risk if the network or computer system used to carry out these tasks breaks down due to a virus or hardware failure.

There are many reasons why businesses choose to get managed IT services. The most common reason is to avoid the high cost of hiring and maintaining an in-house IT team. Managed IT services can also reduce the overall cost of ownership for an organization’s IT. By proactively managing and maintaining an organization’s IT infrastructure, managed IT service providers can help to avoid or minimize the need for costly repairs and replacements.

A managed IT service will ensure that your computer systems are well maintained and the company providing the services will have sufficient expertise that you won’t need specialist knowledge on site. This means you can concentrate on running your business instead of spending valuable time trying to resolve technical issues like installing updates and monitoring server capacity across your network infrastructure; consequently, allowing you more time to do what you’re good at.

Finally, managed IT services can also help to improve the security of an organization’s IT infrastructure. By proactively managing and maintaining an the infrastructure, managed IT service providers can help to identify and resolve potential security vulnerabilities before they are exploited. This can help to protect an organization’s data and maintain compliance with industry regulations.

Managed services are normally provided by an IT firm which will take care of all your business technology needs on a regular basis and can be accessed any time via phone, email or remote login. Some companies may also offer emergency technical support services if urgent attention is needed. These services are generally charged as an hourly rate and may be included in the monthly or annual contract fee depending on what you and the company agree upon.

Overall, there are many benefits that come with using managed IT services. Managed IT services can help to reduce the overall cost of ownership for an organization’s IT infrastructure, improve the performance of an organization’s IT infrastructure, and improve the security of an organization’s IT infrastructure. If you are looking for a way to improve the efficiency of your business, managed IT services may be the right solution for you.

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Managed IT Services for Brisbane Businesses

Many businesses in and around Brisbane’s CBD & South East Queensland are seeking a managed services provider to help them with their day-to-day computer problems and organisations like yours are no different. So if you’re tired of being held back from realising your true potential due to the stress that comes along with IT troubles, then look no further than Bridge IT for Managed Services.

We provide a range of services designed to ensure that your business is supported by some of the best technicians in Service Level Management. You can be sure that the Managed Services we offer are delivered by a dedicated team, aka IT Department, of qualified IT specialists who know how to maintain your business IT assets.

IT Support Services that Brisbane Businesses Trust

In order to provide businesses like yours with high quality services, we have built up an excellent reputation in Brisbane’s Tech Support market by delivering consistent results without breaking budgets.

Our Managed IT Services are trusted by many organisations including:

  • Trades including Plumbers, Electricians, Builders, Architects
  • Medical Centres, Dentists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Gyms & Health Professionals
  • Accountants, Financial Planners, Dentists, Chiropractors & Physiotherapists in Brisbane
  • Mining and Manufacturing businesses in NSW, QLD & NT.
  • Commercial businesses throughout South East Queensland & NSW
  • Government & Council offices here in Brisbane and other regional areas.

Whatever challenges you may be facing in the world of information technology, Bridge IT is your best choice for your managed services provider. Our IT team of specialists has a proven track record when it comes to developing and implementing practical solutions for businesses like yours and we’re ready to show you why so many other organisations have put their trust in us to date.

Partner with Bridge IT for reliable and efficient Managed IT Services tailored to meet the specific needs of your Brisbane-based business. With our proactive approach, industry-leading expertise, and unwavering commitment to your success, we become an extension of your team, enabling you to leverage technology for increased productivity, enhanced security, and business growth. Contact us today to discover how our Managed IT Services can transform your IT operations and drive your business forward.

The Cheaper Alternative to In-House IT Solutions

There are a whole host of benefits to taking on Bridge IT as the steady hand to take care of your computing and IT needs. Our managed IT services have taken Brisbane based businesses to the next level by alleviating the management of existing infrastructure and handling the expansion of your IT and computing.

Big leaps forward in the growth of your business often bring with them the need to integrate new tools and security processes. Cut out the bugs, the guesswork and save yourself the uncertainty. Avoid having to build a team and help desk to handle all of this, by taking on the managed IT services of Bridge IT. We have the knowledge and the experience to ensure that your IT and your infrastructure don’t get in the way of the growth and success of your business.

If you’re looking for help integrating new IT systems and new software and want a cheaper alternative to building in-house teams and in-house processes, look to Bridge IT for your on-demand and scheduled computer support and managed IT services.

Testimonials & Reviews

Looking for a bit more insight into our track record, and the customers who we have helped along the way? There really isn’t anything that beats hearing it straight from the people themselves. Real customers and real reviews are by far the best way to get a view of how we can bring the strengths of well managed IT services to your business.

We have a whole list of testimonials and reviews on Google and Facebook for you to have a look at, but we can tell you now, if you’re looking for managed IT services, Bridge IT is the answer for you. Give us a call on 0414 899 254 today!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Managed IT Support

What is covered in your Agreements?

Please check your individual agreement, however as a rule of thumb, everything related to keeping your servers & computers in tip-top shape is covered during office hours.


Are Projects covered in my Agreement?

Unfortunately, we can’t cover Project work under your Agreement. These are quoted separately to your ongoing monthly Agreement.

What are the standard Helpdesk Hours?

Our helpdesk is available 9am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday excluding Queensland Public Holidays.


When is After Hours Support Available?

Simple, 24x7x365. Whilst we may not be able to respond as fast as we can during business hours, we will always aim to do our best.

Can I have regular onsite visits?

Absolutely, in fact we encourage every client of ours to have regular visits. Most productivity affecting IT issues go ignored until the IT person “walks past”.


What technologies do you support?

We have in-house experience with loads of different business technologies (Microsoft, Apple, Google, and much more.)

How is pricing managed?

As most of our pricing is based on a per user basis, we work out each billing cycle whether there is more or less staff and modify the agreement accordingly.


Are Cloud services useful for my business?

We strongly believe a “Hybrid Approach” is currently the best approach to utilising Cloud services and technologies. A mixture of onsite and offsite infrastructure works for most businesses.

How long is the Agreement for?

Typically most agreements start at 3 months. This way we get to know each other and make sure our new agreement suits us both.


Can I cancel my Agreement?

Absolutely, if we break any of the conditions we promise to you, you have grounds to cancel your agreement with us immediately and walk away. We keep our contracts short to give you freedom anyway.


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