Malwarebytes For Business

Malwarebytes For Business

All-in-one endpoint security portfolio that combines many layers of protection, threat intelligence, and human expertise in an easy-to-use solution, to secure organizations without requiring an army of IT staff from the latest threats including ransomware, malware, viruses and other attacks.
Malwarebytes provides businesses with a powerful and affordable security management platform that gives security teams maximum control. With centralized access, this solution streamlines management of endpoint security, licensing subscriptions, role-based access, customer reporting, add-on modules, and more


Pre- and post-execution protection immediately stops threats at every stage of the attack cycle.

1. Anti-Ransomware Protection
2. Malware Scans
3. Anti-Exploit Protection
4. Web Protection
5. Brute Force Protection
6. Anti-tampering
7. TI/CT Proactive Threat Hunting*


AI, ML and signature technologies detect and interrupt payload delivery before malicious actions can be performed.

8. Anomaly Detection
9. Ransomware Detection
10. AI-Based Detection for Zero Day Attacks
11. Living-Off-The-Land Attack Detection
12. Retrospective Threat Hunting*


Human-led investigation coupled with powerful EDR technology identifies and remediates advanced and persistent threats.

13. Alert Investigation & Validation*
14. Fileless IOCs Investigation*
15. Auto Remediation (Quarantine)
16. Expert Remediation (Analyst)*
17. Isolation (Network, Process, Desktop)
18. Suspicious File Analysis (Cloud Sandbox)*
19. Active Response Shell


Patented Linking Engine completely removes all malware traces, artifacts and configuration changes, to prevent ransomware reinfection.

20. Ransomware Rollback
21. Complete Artifact Removal
22. Remediation Guidance*

*Feature includes human experience as part of our MDR product. 
TI/CT: Threat Intelligence, Community Threats, IOCs: Indicators of Compromise

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection 

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection is a complete malware protection and remediation solution with predictive threat detection, proactive threat blocking, and integrated end-to-end protection. Driven from the cloud through a single pane of glass, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection provides flexible management and speed for organizations of all sizes.   

Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response  

Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) for Windows, Mac, and Linux can easily replace or complement other endpoint security solutions, including Microsoft Defender. We’ve won high customer loyalty and praise because we’re nondisruptive, straightforward, and economical to deploy via one endpoint agent, and offer robust integrations and compatibilities.   

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection for Servers  

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection for Servers is built for organizations of all sizes that value simplicity and efficiency. The solution provides comprehensive malware protection and remediation for your server infrastructure, driven from a single cloud console that provides visibility into all activity across your organization—from servers to workstations.  

Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response for Servers  

Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response for Servers is fast, lightweight, and purpose-built to protect your most valuable data. The solution delivers integrated, proactive protection and “one-and-done” remediation that is laser-focused on keeping your server infrastructure online and operational. And its Ransomware Rollback feature returns impacted servers to a truly healthy state—without costly re-imaging, lost productivity, or having to pay the ransom. 

Malwarebytes Managed Detection and Response  

Malwarebytes alleviates these challenges with a purpose-built managed detection and response (MDR) offering for MSPs. Malwarebytes MDR provides you with a powerful and affordable threat detection and remediation offering with 24×7 monitoring and investigations, perfectly suited for your small-to-medium business customers. Your customers will gain a posture of cyber resilience with expert services that accelerate threat detection and amplify the incident response precision of your team. As attacks occur, Malwarebytes MDR provides your team with thorough guidance on best practice response or remediates malware directly using our award-winning remediation technology.   

Malwarebytes DNS Filtering  

Malwarebytes’ DNS Filtering module extends OneView security platform to provide web protection that keeps your customer end users safe and productive. This builds on the protection against internet attacks already provided in OneView’s prevention capabilities, such as brute force protection and anomaly detection. Employing website and content filtering capabilities as part of an endpoint protection solution helps keep your customer digital ecosystem safe and further protect their business, providing many benefits.  

Malwarebytes AppBloc 

The Application Block module extends our cloud-based security platform, blocking applications that may welcome risk or decrease productivity so that you can better protect end users. Increase cybersecurity (while minimizing its management complexity) by reducing the threat of cyberattacks via at-risk applications, a primary attack vector. Reduce the risk of incurring fines (or facing criminal charges) for failing to comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR, CIPA, or HIPAA. Application Block empowers you with the ability to log application-blocking activity.  

Malwarebytes Incident Response  

Malwarebytes Incident Response is the trusted standard in automated endpoint remediation. The solution bolsters your enterprise cyber resilience and incident response process by compressing response times with fast and complete remediation. Compress your response times, orchestrate across your security investments, and deploy the way you want. Gain greater operational efficiency that saves analyst resource time, preserves user productivity, and improves your enterprise security posture.  

Malwarebytes Vulnerability and Patch Management  

Malwarebytes Vulnerability and Patch Management modules extend OneView functionality to provide your organization deep visibility into customers’ digital ecosystems so that you can uncover vulnerabilities, respond to threats, and keep your customers productive and safe. Get intuitive, proactive cyberprotection to easily assess vulnerabilities and prioritize patching. Effectively identify and understand risks and efficiently patch across your ecosystem. Reduce costs and effort with a simplified vulnerability assessment and patch management program.