Microsoft 365 Security

Microsoft 365 Security

While Microsoft 365 provides basic security features to protect against common email and collaboration threats, adding an additional layer of security like Avanan can provide several important benefits for businesses:

  1. Advanced Threat Detection: Avanan uses machine learning algorithms and threat intelligence to analyze email and collaboration traffic in real-time and detect advanced threats such as phishing attacks, malware, and account takeover. This provides businesses with an additional layer of protection against emerging threats that may not be covered by Microsoft 365’s basic security features.

  2. Multi-Layered Protection: Avanan provides multi-layered security protection against a range of email and collaboration threats, including spam, viruses, ransomware, and zero-day attacks. This ensures that businesses have comprehensive security protection across their entire email and collaboration infrastructure.

  3. Data Loss Prevention: Avanan’s advanced data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities help businesses to protect sensitive data by identifying, classifying, and securing confidential information. This can help businesses to comply with data protection regulations and prevent costly data breaches.

  4. Seamless Integration: Avanan seamlessly integrates with a wide range of email and collaboration platforms, including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Slack, and more. This makes it easy for businesses to add an additional layer of security to their existing email and collaboration infrastructure without disrupting workflows or user productivity.

  5. Real-Time Threat Intelligence: Avanan’s real-time threat intelligence provides businesses with up-to-date information on the latest email and collaboration threats, enabling them to quickly and effectively respond to emerging threats. This helps businesses to stay ahead of emerging threats and maintain a proactive security posture.

Overall, adding an additional layer of security like Avanan onto a Microsoft 365 subscription can provide businesses with enhanced security protection against advanced email and collaboration threats, as well as provide a more comprehensive security solution for protecting sensitive data and maintaining compliance with data protection regulations.

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Avanan integrates with workplace collaboration suites like Office 365, Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, Sharepoint, G Suite, Slack, and Dropbox from the inside Protect Office 365 from the inside via APIs. It detects phishing, malware, and anomalous behaviour.

It learns communication patterns between users at an organization, and their roles. Anti-Phishing, Malware & Ransomware, Account Takeover Protection, Data Loss Prevention & Compliance are all covered.

Avanan leverages the industry’s most advanced tools to identify & mark files containing confidential, financial, & personally identifiable information, including credit card numbers, Passport details, Medicare numbers, & Driver’s License numbers! It’s also compliant with: FISMA, GDPR, HIPAA, DSS, SOX & FERPA.