Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot

Introducing Copilot, a transformative productivity tool seamlessly integrating AI and large language models (LLMs) to enhance your Microsoft 365 experience. This innovative tool connects effortlessly with the Microsoft Graph and key applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams. Copilot leverages natural language with linguistic models and data from Microsoft Graph, empowering employees to work more efficiently and creatively in their everyday tasks.

Microsoft ‎Copilot‎ for ‎Microsoft 365‎

Your everyday AI companion, Microsoft Copilot is designed to help you work smarter and build faster. Unlock the potential of enhanced creativity, personalized answers, and improved experiences across Microsoft 365 applications. Copilot is not just a tool; it’s a gateway to a more productive and streamlined work environment.

Copilot Key Features:

  • Utilizes AI and large language models
  • Connects seamlessly with Microsoft Graph and Microsoft 365 apps
  • Enhances creativity and improves experiences
  • Provides personalized, smarter answers

Copilot Key Benefits:

  • Boosts productivity with natural language and linguistic models
  • Acts as your everyday AI companion for smarter, faster work
  • Transforms your business by increasing efficiency and discovering growth opportunities

Copilot for Microsoft 365 [New Commerce Experience]

Bridge IT Solutions brings you the new commerce experience for Microsoft Copilot, simplifying the procurement process and ensuring a seamless integration into your Microsoft 365 environment. As a trusted partner, Bridge IT Solutions enhances your purchasing journey, providing a reliable platform to access and implement Microsoft Copilot.

Transform the way you work, write, and collaborate with Microsoft Copilot – an essential addition to your toolkit. Elevate your productivity and creativity through the power of AI, and let Bridge IT Solutions guide you through the process of acquiring this innovative solution.

Note: Please see our warning at the bottom of this page if you use shared accounts and need to be able to add a shared inbox to your favourites section. 

How to Buy Microsoft Copilot

Experience the seamless integration of AI and large language models with Microsoft Copilot, designed to elevate your Microsoft 365 productivity. Follow these steps to acquire Microsoft Copilot through the New Commerce Experience with Bridge IT Solutions:

  1. Bridge IT Solutions Integration: Microsoft Copilot is available through Bridge IT Solutions, a trusted Microsoft partner in providing innovative IT solutions. Reach out to our support team for assistance to seamlessly purchase and integrate Copilot into your Microsoft 365 suite.
  2. Subscription Details: Current prices are $592.50 / user / year, paid in advance.

  3. Complete the Purchase: Follow the guided steps provided by Bridge IT Solutions to complete your purchase securely. Ensure that your payment information is accurate for a smooth transaction.

  4. Provide your Microsoft Tenant ID: You’ll need to be an admin of your Microsoft 365 account. You can then log in and access your ID on this page: Log in to find your Microsoft Tenant ID. Share the ID with us, click on a link to authorise the sale and your license will be applied within minutes.
  5. Receive Activation Details: Upon successful purchase, you will receive activation details from Microsoft. There isnt much to 

  6. Enjoy the Benefits: Once activated, explore the enhanced capabilities of Copilot across Microsoft 365 apps. Benefit from AI-driven suggestions and streamline your workflow for increased productivity.

How to Activate Microsoft Copilot on Windows

For clients eager to harness the power of an AI-powered writing assistant, Microsoft Copilot is the answer. Here’s a guide to activate Copilot on your Windows device:

  1. Ensure a Microsoft 365 subscription and update your Windows device.
  2. Open any Microsoft 365 app like Word, Outlook, or PowerPoint.
  3. Navigate to the File tab, select Account, and click Update Options > Update Now.
  4. Wait for the update to finish, restart the app, and look for the Copilot icon in the ribbon.
  5. Click the Copilot icon to turn it on and start enjoying intelligent suggestions as you type.

How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Copilot

Encountering issues with Copilot? Here’s how to troubleshoot common scenarios:

  • Greyed-out or missing Copilot icon: Save your document to OneDrive or SharePoint first, then Copilot will not be greyed out.
  • Using an older version of Outlook: Switch to The New Outlook with a simplified ribbon and a blue icon.
  • Offline or poor internet connection: Ensure a reliable and fast internet connection for Copilot to function properly.
  • Unsatisfactory suggestions: Reject suggestions or adjust Copilot settings in the gear icon within the Copilot pane.

Warning – Major changes that cause issues for many businesses with The New Outlook needed for Microsoft Copilot

In the realm of workplace innovation, Microsoft Copilot and the New Outlook introduce ground-breaking features. However, a noteworthy challenge has surfaced, requiring careful attention. Copilot functionality is exclusive to the New Outlook; therefore, users must upgrade from the standard Outlook version to benefit from this advanced tool. Locate the toggle option in the top right-hand corner of Outlook to make the transition seamlessly.

For businesses utilising shared email accounts alongside their primary accounts, Microsoft has implemented a modification: you cant add a shared inbox to your favourites section in the New Outlook. This alteration poses potential disruptions to the convenience and accessibility of shared mailbox content, particularly for users who heavily rely on this feature. Such a limitation may be considered a critical factor for decision-makers within organisations. In fact, it will probably be a deal breaker for most. 

The other major issue is: You cant move emails between email accounts. Again, people using shared accounts may be used to dragging an email to someone else’s inbox. You cant do this in the New Outlook. 

This advisory aims to provide professional insight into the current challenge and emphasises the importance of strategic planning for organisations relying on shared mailbox functionalities in their daily operations.

How to Get More Help with Microsoft Copilot:

For additional assistance or feedback, contact the Bridge IT Solutions Team or visit the Microsoft Copilot website for detailed information, tips, and tutorials. 

Transform your work experience with Microsoft Copilot – your ultimate AI companion for unparalleled productivity and creativity. Try it now and witness the revolution in business efficiency.

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