Inefficient networks come from a variety of issues. Without a proactive IT systems team performing health checks regularly, all you can do is respond after things take a turn for the worse. When it comes to the entire tech function of a company or the security of important data, that could already be too late to save face or revenue.

What Does an IT Health Check Look At?

Every single thing – tangible, digital, or virtual – that makes up your entire IT system gets a thorough health check during this process. This includes complete diagnostics for all the hardware, updates and license checks for software, optimization of both wired and wireless networks, and more.

It also looks at the current and future plan for any changes that must occur to keep everything running smoothly. For example, what is the plan when a piece of hardware becomes obsolete? How will the infrastructure grow when business capacity increases?

How Is an IT Systems Check Performed?

Four main processes exist as part of an overall systems health check.

Reliability Test – All existing parts of the system are checked for performance and reliability. Skilled technicians make sure everything is working in compliance with expected benchmarks. If they find any problems, they investigate fully and find solutions.

Network Capacity – Can your existing infrastructure handle everything necessary to keep the business running smoothly? Technicians check everything to ensure current standards and that capacity exists for future growth as needed.

Backups and Recovery – A large part of the IT health check deals with how well your system can recover from any serious issues. If something goes wrong, you must avoid backup and recovery failures to keep working without downtime.

Security – Every aspect of your system that affects security for hardware, software, networks, other devices, and connectivity needs to function without risk. Health check ensures that all appropriate security measures are in place and whether you should improve anything to make it better.

Why Does an IT Systems Health Check Matter?

These tech services prevent potentially serious problems. However, even if there is no risk of a data breach or infrastructure shut down, the issues found during the check can still cause inefficiencies, malfunctions, and stagnation. The world of IT moves so quickly. If you do not stay on top of the holistic health of your system, you will not have the information necessary to upgrade and expand when the time comes.

The ability to remain agile when it comes to incorporating new hardware, transforming the network, or proactively shielding against emerging threats helps to keep your business competitive in any industry.